Well, it’s honest work at least

A lawyer who quit to become an OnlyFans performer says she now makes more money and is happier

Tho’ this is fun:

To protect her privacy, the OnlyFans performer uses the name


16 thoughts on “Well, it’s honest work at least”

  1. Wait until AI generation of realistic looking, but perfect models starts generating 3D porn. All of this OnlyFans stuff will become worthless overnight.

    Don’t believe me, look at what Stable Diffusion AI can already achieve.

    OnlyFans days are numbered.

  2. Jafar said that she spent most of her life following a path that her Middle Eastern parents set out for her

    My sympathies to her parents. I wonder what the lifetime earnings of a successful US lawyer are compared with porn star?

  3. Why lifetime earnings as that only depends if there’s an impediment to switching back to law if the porn money declines, if nothing else I’m sure there’s good money to be made being a lawyer for the porn industry

  4. I would imagine she can change her name and go back to being a lawyer when OnlyFans no longer pays the mortgage.

    After all, it’s not a significant career change, is it? She’s just changing from one class of whore to another.

  5. Personally I’d say being a lawyer was far more morally dubious than being a porn star……….at least a porn star is only f*cking a few people at a time, a lawyer can be f*cking the entire country……

  6. “Privacy?”

    Yes. America is a strange mixture of very liberal people (in the original sense – not what Americans mean by liberal) and prudes whose prudishness comes with considerable bigotry and prejudice. Fortunately, such prudes are seldom well informed, so by not revealing her real name, Jazmen can avoid conflicts with them (and any who are hypocrites and subscribe to her content may be afraid to do anything lest they reveal their hypocrisy).

  7. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    Going from lawyer to OnlyFans performer is what is known as a lateral career move.

  8. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    …so by not revealing her real name, Jazmen can avoid conflicts with them…

    Concerned about privacy? Here’s a thought: Don’t consent to an article with photo in Business Insider.


  9. @johngalt and @jim. Hilarious. You’re absolutely spectacular. @ Dennis. You’re a fucking accountant, aren’t you? Ffs, show some self awareness.

  10. There’s a pretty good female comic in New York named Kerryn Feehan who is on OnlyFans. An acquaintance of mine showed me some of her photos (why he’s paying for porn in this day and age I’ve no idea), so when Kerryn mentioned during her act that she’s on there, I pulled a Half Baked and said “I seen ‘em!”

  11. Meh… The Playboy Mansion is gone.

    This means the stock exchange for Trophy Wives and Personal Secretaries for a certain market simply has moved. And in ways has become more accessible to a wider public, so there’s that bulk effect in side earnings.
    Especially when distance/local proximity/local laws is far less of an issue, if at all. That one has mostly dropped out of the equation.
    And with the near-trivial cost of setting up for yourself and far less dependency on “Producers” and “Agents”, smart girls can ply their trade in far better security than they ever did.

    The Market is there, so it will be provided for.
    And given that it’s near-impossible to regulate, will never be truly satisfied, and has theoretically “unlimited” supply and demand, it’s the closest thing there is to see if economic theory indeed matches reality…

    The AI thing may pull some punters, but that tech would not be competing with Real Girls™, but the considerable amount of 2D/3D artists already making content on Patreon and other more specialised platforms.
    Which is, very much, already a mature market, and has been for a decade or two. In pretty much any niche you can think of.
    And besides the question of whether or not you should start to really worry about SkyNet™ if “AI” indeed becomes good and reactive enough to emulate the Real Deal, to match it up with imagery that matches in real time… takes a hefty investment…

    An artist friend of mine (real artist as we understand it. makes stuff that sells. treats it as a hobby that got out of hand.) has begun dabbling in computer models and skins for games and commercial applications.
    So I helped him out baking his “My First Sony” rig from Spare Parts, and looked into what he would need to generate his stuff more or less to order at a reasonable speed.
    Turns out you easily hit north of €10k, not counting software/licenses to build the main rig to use for the renders. Then you need another “cheaper” rig with different specs for the designing bit, and a normal work rig ( trivial by then).
    Depending on the state of insulation in your house you may or may not break even in electricity costs/heating in winter on the render rig alone.

    Seriously, Real Girls are for the foreseeable future far cheaper than Real Girls™.
    Real Girls work on a trivial bit of cash, compliments, and if you’re rich/want to feel special things from their Wish List. And generally maintain themselves..
    Real Girls™ begin with a server rack north of €50k, and a team to create/manage them.
    No competition.

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