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Well of course

Canada MAID Law Faces Pushback From Disabled Activists
This reported op-ed discusses concerns that disabled people in Canada are being coerced into assisted suicide.

One good argument against assisted suicide is that folk will be edged, nudged and coerced into it. Most obviously those not already having a good time of it.

10 thoughts on “Well of course”

  1. It’s a classic conflict of interest.

    Ill and old people who are deeply pissed off with their standard of life might well want an assisted suicide.

    On t’other hand, some people will be bumped off simply for the advantage of their heirs or the convenience of their doctors. Or even for the pleasure of the Dr Shipmans among us.

    Anyone who has thought about the governmental and medical panic of the last few years must be puzzled about how to balance these two points.

    Maybe the answer is to be generous with permission for assisted suicide while employing lots of lions and machine-gunners to deal with the evil-doers among the medical and nursing trades.

  2. Canada added a million people to its population last year guess with the housing crisis they need to free up some real estate.
    Seems if you are a politician the housing crisis, healthcare crisis and education crisis are all unaffected by immigration/population growth or maybe this is a way to balance the numbers out a bit

  3. A very close friend of mine worked for SPUC, running their activities relating to disability, both abortion and euthanasia. She herself was seriously disabled with spina bifida, and frequently made the point that she had a happy and productive life despite everything, and that nobody else was entitled to judge the quality of her life.

    Strangely enough, most of her opponents – and there were some exceptionally nasty ones – were in the medical profession. They thought she was “life unworthy of life”, as the Nazis used to say.

  4. So why don’t the folks supporting MAID support the use of the same drug cocktail in executions? This goes double for the pharmaceutical companies trying to restrict the use of their products for executions. If it’s good enough for MAID, it’s certainly good enough for the death chamber.

  5. That’s far too logical and sensible Mohave. It’d be like saying an abortion is murdering a child.

  6. Mohave, there’s plenty of ways to off someone, including oneself, painlessly and without fuss.

    Not going to give peeps a manual. Some methods are, indeed, obvious/trivial with the right knowledge. That’d actually be against the law, even over here in Liberal Clogland.

    But when it comes to criminals and death sentences, part of the process is to let them know they’re going to die. So those methods aren’t used. And conversely, those methods of execution aren’t used in assisted euthanasia. At least not in civilised countries. ymmv for the US/Canada.

  7. Sam, centuries ago, I audited the accounts of SPUC. I got into a bit of trouble for wondering why they didn’t use the seemingly wildly appropriate acronym SPUnC….

  8. It’s an extremely weak argument, because it’s merely saying that instead of being coerced into dying people should be coerced into living.

    @Sam Vara – “nobody else was entitled to judge the quality of her life”

    Exactly. That’s why we should support assisted suicide and not assisted dying.

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