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Well, yes

The problem here is not understanding how the media works:

“We’re finding ourselves funding a forever intensifying, never-ending campaign of hate against the trans community. The World Association of News Publishers assessed that over 50% of news publisher revenue comes from advertising. The ‘gender critical’ journalists are pumping out execution after execution of this hate campaign and are paid generously from our hands. This campaign is setting the news agenda and leading our whole media and politics to become infected by its poison.

It’s important for us also to consider the role of our social platforms and broadcasters in this ecosystem. They also have questions to answer. TV and Radio broadcasters are platforming ‘gender critical’ voices unchallenged – framing anti-trans narrative as ‘legitimate concerns’. Sensationalist stories act like kindling for conversation across social platforms, allowing hateful views to burn like wildfire and become reinforced in algorithmic bubbles. Hate speech is commonplace and sanctions from platforms on users are slow if forthcoming at all. This commentary then provides content to be platformed and amplified by the media vying for attention to then sell on to us advertisers.”

Journalism is filling in the white bits between the adverts. That means writing what gains the eyeballs to sell to advertisers.

The eyeballs are attracted by pieces that are – shall we say – less than obeisant to certain of the trans claims.

Shrug. That’s what the population wants and we are indeed a democracy, right?

11 thoughts on “Well, yes”

  1. The articles are nearly all in response to some activity or comments by trans people. As nearly all of those activities or comments are hateful or irrational, naturally, the responses are negative.

  2. DocBud – Yarp.

    You’d also expect there to be a significant increase in tranny news, because there’s been a significant increase in trannies.

    Unfortunately for trannies, the more normal people learn about tranny politics, the less sympathetic they are. Hence the desperate push to rebrand this as being about “trans kids”.

    You don’t hate “trans kids”, do you, bigots?

    Jgh – Narp. It’s called the transgender cult for a reason, most of these guys end up socialising mostly with other trannies, mostly on the internet. This is extremely dangerous to them, because internet ‘friendships’ based on shared fetishes and fetish politics are a poor substitute for irl friends and family. An actual friend would never encourage you to inject bathtub bootleg hormones or get your dick chopped into bloody salsa.

    It’s a horrible community to be in, full of mental illness, sexual fetishes, drug abuse and transactional or parasocial “relationships”.

    But so is advertising.

  3. When you define any type of disagreement with your ideas as “hate” you do find quite a lot of it.

  4. Hilarious though- people don’t like nonces and we need to criminalise that. Seems to be the article boiled down to a sentence

  5. “That’s what the population wants and we are indeed a democracy, right?“

    Most of the political class doesn’t know what democracy is. They think it’s all about elections.

  6. It’s how newspapers used to work. Now they’re funded by millions in government advertising spending and ‘grants’ and ‘sponsorships’ by Bill Gates etc.

  7. Identity politics manufactures paranoia, and trans identity politics is just one example of that. It teaches people to define their political views in terms of their personal characteristics, so they treat any disagreement with their views as a personal attack. They begin to see any attempt to disprove their opinions as equivalent to invalidating their existence. It also teaches them that society is divided into victims and oppressors, and that if you belong to a victim group then you are constantly surrounded by people who want to do you harm.

    This naturally leads them to see “hate” everywhere, and the psychological stress of living under an imaginary state of siege causes wild emotional outbursts. But that mental state is maintained by an internalised system of belief, so it cannot be affected by any objective changes in the real world. Therefore, no amount of accommodation by the rest of society will ever convince them that they are not in mortal danger.

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