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What an excellent idea

Germany and Italy have thrown a planned European Union ban on new petrol and diesel cars into disarray as they seek exemptions to protect their powerful car industries.

EU diplomats have been forced to delay a key vote on the proposals, which would outlaw the manufacture of combustion engine cars across the bloc from 2035, following a last-minute revolt by the two countries.

The plans were agreed in principle last year and would prevent the sale of new cars unless they are “zero emissions”. However, they still require final approval from member states.

As discussed here. If – and it can be already – synthetic petrol taking CO2 from the atmosphere can be made at $2 a litre then there’s no need for electric vehicles for climate change reasons. Or, alternatively, allow the synth-fuel and the batteries to compete in the marketplace and see which consumers prefer?

Yes, that does mean fucking off about the just transition and all that. But that’s good.

10 thoughts on “What an excellent idea”

  1. It’s completely unrealistic. Look at the electric cars and they’re mostly Golf size, and more expensive because of the batteries. You want to build an electric repmobile like a 5 series. Or a Shogun, or any sort of car used by antique dealers or dog breeders, it’s going to cost a fortune.

    I always assumed that the UK came up with 2035 because the politicians figured they’d be gone by the time it had to happen.

  2. No no no Tim, that’s not the point.

    Their next stop is to make sure that we are herded onto British HiSpeed Railways and Victory Buslines and can only live where they stop.

    Then when they finally break down, we are all imprisoned in our 15 minute cities. Tomatoes in February ? They will just become a rumour…

  3. I’m astonished. A sensible decision about this green rubbish.

    Still, the Germans did shut down that windmill to open a coal mine.

  4. Net Zero might sort of “work” with some smart tweaking of the timescale and methods, but that would defeat the purpose of collapsing our civilisation into a vast, open air, Third World slum/prison ruled by billionaires and their pet politicians.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    Whilst Lindner and the FDP should be applauded for this move, it is something you’d expect from a party that claims to be free market, it has been driven in no small part by accusations they have been getting too close to the Greens and were losing members and supporters.

  6. But we’re not going to see any rollback of the ULEZ, or the diesel emissions rules which make modern diesel cars so unreliable. If anything, we’re going to see more of the same: Euro VII emissions standards, more cities introducing low-emission zones, pay-per-mile tracking, maybe a cap & trade on the number of cars allowed in a zone.

  7. Since the UK policy position differs from that of Germany and Italy, and the UK is a large country, it would seem we have finally found a benefit of Brexit – for Germany and Italy: that they no longer have to worry about our influence on this policy.

  8. That’s a good point about Brexit, Charles. QMV and the net contribution meant that on EU competences the UK previously had as much say in the affairs of Italy as Italy did in the affairs of Italy.

  9. Most environmental scares are either false or wild exaggerations.

    Doe the diesel particulate scare fall into one of those categories or is it that rare thing, a scare that’s well founded?

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