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Yes, let’s try this

Last week at the US Republican CPAC conference, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles said that “for the good of society… transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely” to loud applause. He now claims that he didn’t mean that trans people should be eradicated; just “transgenderism”.

Let’s try that with some other isms, shall we? How about, “for the good of society… Judaism must be eradicated from public life entirely”? No? “Islamism must be eradicated from public life entirely?” No? “Catholicism must be eradicated from public life entirely?”

Why not? No one – if we’re to take this rhetorical flourish as being straight (ahem) – is suggesting that Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, be eradicated from private life.

But we have, all of us, ended up agreeing over the past couple of centuries that two of the three are eradicated from public life. It was illegal for the Catholics to build a church in England up until 1837. We decided that that was too much public against Catholic to stand. Catholicism is now a part of private life for anyone who wishes and is not of public life. The Pope can say whatever he likes about abortion and whoever may agree or not as they wish. But public life does not change abortion law according to Il Papa. Only to how many of the English agree with Il Papa and vote according to those structures – not many and not that much.

Starmer might become the first PM married to a Jew (umm, I think?). Boris was the first Catholic PM (OK, more in breach etc but still). Other than a mild flutter in certain hearts neither issue is of any great importance and most certainly neither had anything at all to do with whether they’re allowed to take their public positions. The religion is a private, not public, matter.

There is an entirely respectable (whether that’s the one Knowles was making is another matter) argument for trannies to be exactly so treated. Oh, so you’re in a frock? Had the chop? How interesting, now, how about them Dodgers?

Trans or con substantiation is no longer even relevant to public position or public politics, the public sphere or the public realm. The eradication of trasgenderism from public life is merely applying exactly the same concept to trans and cis gender.

Huhn, amazing what logic can do, eh?

17 thoughts on “Yes, let’s try this”

  1. Catholicism and Judaism no longer burn at the stake. Islam and Transgenderism do, although the latter hasn’t gotten round to actual immolation, yet. I think that this is what our learned colleague Michael Know-less was getting at. Transgenderism is a vicious ideology aimed at the most total destruction possible of their enemies.

  2. The Holocaust Museum notes that there are five ways to conduct genocide “with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part” a group. Killing is the best known one, but there are others

    In which Carrie explains who is responsible for “trans genocide”:

    The five ways are:

    Killing members of the group

    They usually kill themselves.

    Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group

    Cross sex hormones and genital surgeries cause serious bodily and mental harm and the prognosis is absolutely horrific.

    Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

    Such as getting them hooked on a (shortened) lifetime of medical intervention.

    Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

    Such as by castrating them, or poisoning their body with opposite sex hormones.

    Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

    “Sorry, Billy, you played with a Barbie doll. Time to put on a dress and get your willy removed.”

    So it turns out that it’s trannies who are responsible for “trans genocide”. Who knew?

    You cannot separate “transgenderism” from trans people

    Sure you can.

  3. What about the era when The Pope was calling for the assassination of British monarchs?
    I suppose it was pretty reasonable to view Roman Catholics as disqualified from much of civil society then?

    Just as, if such a group as neo-Nazis actually existed, we might take the same view of them.

  4. Steve has it

    I have to stop reading links from this being – my blood pressure can’t take the level of self entitlement on display. Might be more evil than Murphy. Besides which hasn’t it been established that these people are basically groomers and paedophiles? Are those ‘protected’ by law?

  5. I think islam should be getting the same treatment dished out to another evil ideology with which it shares many features: nazism.

  6. Dennis, Cishet and Whatnot

    Well, Carrie, in the USA we find those advocating “transgenderism” also advocating drag queens performing for small children, teachers teaching small children to question their gender, as well as advocating violence against public figures such as J.K. Rowling.

    I understand, Carrie, that your sense of reality – and self – are seriously warped. After all, you’re a middle-aged man spending (what should be) your most productive years of life living a lie, and in the process trying to convince the whole of humanity that this lie actually the truth.

    Rather than go about your business and your life quietly, you attack anyone and everyone who refuses to play pretend with you. You must be the victim at all times and in all situations, and you must make sure that everyone within shouting distance knows it.

    Quite frankly, Carrie, lots of us are tired of it. I understand what Knowles was saying, and I don’t disagree. Transgenderism is about two things: (1) playing pretend, and (2) forcing – by bullying and intimidation – everyone else to play pretend as well.

    Fuck that.

  7. Maybe there are a few other -isms we can remove from the public square: Marxism, communism, fascism…

  8. VP – I always feel sad reading his blog. IIRC, he had a wife and two young children.

    They do it to themselves (they do), and that’s what really hurts.

  9. Hold on…. Did xer admit that to it, its mental abberation is like a religion? Who’da thunk it!

  10. Dennis, Gender Solid

    Might be more evil than Murphy.

    I’d say it’s a dead heat. They’re both intolerant bigots who fancy themselves bearers of THE TRUTH in a world populated by evil unbelievers.

    Carrie wears a dress, Richard doesn’t (as far as we know)… that’s about all the difference there is.

  11. Steve, nice choice of lyric, though I would suggest it should be more appropriate for men in bondage gear and wigs to sing the one about “I don’t belong here”… rooms full of kids.

  12. The people whining about it have been pushing for Catholicism and Judaism – and Jews – to be eradicated.

    They’ve been pushing for ‘Caucasianism’ to be eradicated the same.

    Fuck ’em.

  13. Normally I wouldn’t care what other people did provided they’d leave me alone. Which doesn’t seem to be the way the trannies see it.

    But my real dislike is their policy of drugging, slicing and dicing children. If someone’s stupid enough to want to do this to themselves when they’re adults, I’d agree that it’s their business. But the basic assumption of childhood is that the kids aren’t supposed to know what’s good for them. So we adults make the decisions. I of course feel the kids should be left alone until they grow up, then they can imitate Carrie if they wish.

    I suppose the most amusing thing about this is the fuss made about female genital mutilation. It seems we must stop this horrid foreign custom. But I’d argue that ours is much worse.

  14. Bogan, I completely agree with the basic let-adults-do-what-they-want-but-leave-the-kids-alone approach. I believe there is a very slippery slope from letting a child be responsible for choosing gender to choosing how to express their new found sexuality. With help from a caring community, obviously (parents not included). There are not enough lions in the world.

  15. “for the good of society… Judaism must be eradicated from public life entirely…”

    Well, Karl Marx, for one, thought this was a good idea.

    “We recognize in Judaism, therefore, a general anti-social element of the present time, an element which through historical development – to which in this harmful respect the Jews have zealously contributed – has been brought to its present high level, at which it must necessarily begin to disintegrate.

    In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.”

  16. She knows what he meant. She just doesn’t have any solid ideas of her own. The hyperbole is so tiresome.

  17. They do it to themselves (they do), and that’s what really hurts.

    If only it was just themselves they were doing it.

    I’d be happy for ‘trans people’ to be eradicated. Why would you not want a world in which a mental illness was got rid of? Trying to eradicate polio didn’t mean executing Ian Dury.

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