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Yes, yes, you could say that

On the Seeking Alpha page for a certain bank:

Warning: SIVB is at high risk of performing badly. Learn why

Yes, yes, you could say that.

BTW, the answer as to why this hasn’t changed is that SA is run by Orthodox who take it seriously. Nowt happens between sunset Fri and dusk Sat.

4 thoughts on “Yes, yes, you could say that”

  1. They need to add a “Sabbath goy” to their staff.

    He can’t be told directly to do anything during that time, but he’ll just understand that he needs to show up.

    We are a funny people, yes.

  2. And it’d depend on how frumm they are. Ones I used to deal with, turn the lights off would be about it. It wouldn’t extend to anything involved in running their business on their premises. Intent is all important.

  3. “I hear the lights were left on at the office.”

    “So…Do you need me to turn them off?”

    “Heyyy hey, I never said anything about that. Gee, did you see our electric bill last month? That was pretty reasonable, huh? Imagine if it was two days more expensive. Gee, that would suck.”

    “For fuck’s sake, I’ll be right over!”

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