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You’re saved, saved

That commentary that the EU saved you from being mislead by by getting it taken out of Google. Of course, it has been syndicated, so the information is there, just not from the original source.

“There’s no shortage of lithium out there in the lithosphere – the crust of the planet,” Adam Smith Institute Senior Fellow Tim Worstall told Sputnik. “The only shortages can be of plants or mines that can extract it in any particular year.”

He noted how identified world lithium resources grew nearly 10 million tons in a single year, from 89 million in 2021.

“This ‘big’ Iranian find is less than the amount we find each year now that we’re all seriously looking for more resources of lithium,” he said.

The problem, he added, centers on extracting and processing the materials. For example, Worstall predicted it could take at least a decade to bring Iran’s lithium to market.

Such terrors that Brussels protects you from, eh?

3 thoughts on “You’re saved, saved”

  1. Syndicated, or just copied without payment? Hard to tell what’s a reputable source and what’s just a content mill these days.

  2. Provided also that the Israelis don’t bomb the processing plants because they’re bored on a Tuesday afternoon.

  3. In this case, syndicated. They’re – largely enough – a state propaganda channel and they know they’re blocked in many places. So, by all means other outlets can pick up the pieces…..

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