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Abject nonsense

BuzzFeed News’ business model turned to dust because they were always at the whim of mercurial tech titans
James Hennessy

It’s because they were shit.

They also spent – in standard American journalism fashion – far too much n layers of editors and managers are far too little of the money went on people actually hitting keyboards. The entire cost structure of American journalism still works as if everyone till a regional monopoly with all the problems of how to spend that much damn money.

The first solution to the problem there is to fire 90% of all non-frontline writers. Yes, since you ask, I’ll take on that job for you…..would love to in fact.

8 thoughts on “Abject nonsense”

  1. ChatGPT news when?

    If you can automate ‘content’, and the business model is based on delivering ‘content’… who needs Owen Jones?

  2. Pretty sure I’ve told this story before at some point, but whatevs…

    I was at a conference in Washington, D.C., and there was a panel with both Jonah Peretti (BuzzFeed founder) and Steve Forbes. As everyone was being introduced, Jonah said “Steve, it’s an honor to be up here with you. I’ve always admired what you’ve built at Forbes.”

    To which Steve replied, “Thank you, Jonah. I’ve always admired your cat pictures.”

  3. …I’ve always admired what you’ve built at Forbes.

    Did Steve do much of the building at Forbes, though? I thought he inherited a pretty successful operation and maintained it (no mean feat, I suppose), more than taking on a small operation and expanding it.

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