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The extraordinary village that claims to be Portugal’s most authentic
A granite fortress? Boulders for roofs? Fertility festivals? Monsanto is full of surprises

Portugal’s most authentic, eh?

Err, yes?

Estado Novo? The Catholic fascist dictatorship of the place? The inspiration for Franco?

This is something to celebrate?

4 thoughts on “Ahahahaha”

  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Steve is correct. After the initial flurry of helicopter rides for the middle class Marxists, things usually settle down.

  2. So. National Socialism seized Britain’s colonies after WW2. It conquered Russia and China. And it’s now enforcing its woke doctrine on the rest of us. The only thing slightly different to the 1930’s is that whites are the untermensch.

    Hitler and Musso have won.

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