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Always consider that people lie

Chemicals banned from air conditioners and refrigerators are making a comeback — and scientists don’t know why

8 thoughts on “Always consider that people lie”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Did we discover they are climate destroyers before we found out that banning them did zip for the ozone layer, or was that only after people stopped worrying us about the ozone layer?

    Were they perchance a major component of acid rain too?

  2. I would hazard a guess that as production and use of them stopped 12 years ago we are seeing gas escaping from old units as they breakdown or get ripped out to be replaced with something newer. When old units are decommissioned the engineer is supposed to pump out the gas for proper disposal. This takes time and effort and costs money too. If however the gas has already “leaked” these steps can be missed.

  3. China.
    Accessible data shows that it is by far the worst emitters of gases banned in the UK – and that’s from data that they aren’t even trying to hide.

  4. Suspect AndyF is correct and no one ever gives an old unit a good kick just to make sure it hasn’t leaked yet and of course production controls and waste control management is equal around the world and their national statistics reflect reality oh yes …

  5. AndyF is correct.

    A lot of refrigeration units are coming/have been coming to the end of their lives, and pumping away the CFC’s is often troublesome and expensive.
    Compare that to a quick snip of one of the lines and having a cuppa…

    A lot of the household stuff is collected and transported to recycling sites, that unsurprisingly find lines/pumps damaged on arrival. All that improper stacking and shaking, y’see?
    Especially when you just need to hit the compressor reservoir just like that, and the heat exchanger grill is so very, very fragile and exposed, and…

  6. Who would have anticipated that “scientists don’t know why” something truly obvious, predictable and understandable is happening, yet are simultaneously wise and sagacious and totally certain and convinced about events that are entirely based on modelled data that they have conjured from their imaginations.

  7. Did the ‘hole’ in the Ozone Layer exist before we discovered it? Was it there in the 1880’s, ie: before CFC’s were synthesised?

    And then this “‘However, they remain potent greenhouse gases, and in 2020 their warming effect is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of a country like Switzerland. This is a substantial impact, and mitigating the emissions of these gases will have a significant effect on the course of climate change.’

    Switzerland CO2 emissions: 4.36Million Tonnes
    Global CO2 emmisions: 36.8 Gigatonnes

  8. There’s an article in “Imagine Newsletter” that I have now read – and the scientists DO know why.
    They have identified the location of the source of the doubling of emission of CFC-11 to an area of eastern China. Emissions from leakage should be on a declining trend so this shows that (some) Chinese industry is illegally manufacturing CFCs

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