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Women and non-binary producers and engineers were “vastly underrepresented” in 2022’s most popular music, according to a new study.

The inaugural Fix the Mix report found that women and non-binary people claimed less than 5% of the tech credits for the most streamed songs of 2022, making up 187 of the total 3,781 credits on the 757 songs surveyed.

Seriously, so what?

Men are distinctly underrepresented in nursing. And?

19 thoughts on “And?”

  1. Developed by nonprofit organisation We Are Moving the Needle and music credits database Jaxsta in collaboration with Howard University and Middle Tennessee State University, the findings are part of what the researchers refer to as “the first major study of gender representation across all credited production and engineering personnel by role”.

    And on the pedestal, these words appear:
    My name is Obummer, Kang of Kangs;
    Look on my Works, ye Whitey, and despair!

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Is the guardian trying to manufacture an alliance between women and the alphanumeric “community”? Given that the alphanumerics are trying to obfuscate womanness and that women have noticed the chances of success are limited.

  3. @Adolff,

    But the number of War Widows seriously outweighed the numbers of War Widowers, to the extent that the latter isn’t even a recognised term. What’s more, hardly a single one of those Widows ever killed anyone, whereas a significant number of war graves are occupied by men who had killed some of their opponents.

    Bereavement may not be so immediately painful as a battlefield injury or death, but it has effects that go on for longer. Can we quantify pain mathematically? If so, can we integrate it over time? Who knows what the (comparative) result might be.

  4. From which we may reasonably conclude that, in this particular field, women and the feeble minded are not, in general, notably talented.

  5. Addolff – I remember visiting the war graves at Monte Cassino.

    My lasting impression was: what a waste of time and money WW2 was. Absolute nonsense, the entire thing. Those boys died for nothing.

    When someone tells you to go over that hill and kill somebody you don’t even know, we should say “narp”.

    (This post brought to you by Thou Shalt Not Kill and the Free The Weed Foundation.)

  6. And probation officers. 75% are women when the overwhelming majority of the offenders are male…


    “narp” only works if the other side are employing the same stratagem.

  7. I sneeze in threes

    The pain of grief fades over time. I’m not sure about the impact of death on the deceased as they tend not to complain.

  8. Witchie @ 9.20, I absolutely guarentee that given the choice between being alive or being dead the vast majority of people would choose the former, no matter that it would include some pain.

  9. Steve – “narp” only works if the other side are employing the same stratagem.

    Yarp, I know. I’m suggesting we should have some sort of common moral code that would allow us to safely not butcher other blokes (and lady-blokes).

    Perhaps we could engrave it on stone tablets, just in case people forget that murder is bad.

  10. Oh dear… This is hilarious…
    The last thing you want for a recording project is a whingy bitch like that…

  11. The problem is the propagandist application of “underrepresented” to occupations where the point isn’t to represent anyone, it’s to do the job well.

  12. And yet there are some extremely good female persons in the recording industry.
    Google for Cookie Marenco – she does the full stack – and think about buying some of her stuff.

  13. Perhaps we could engrave it on stone tablets

    But maybe leave out the bit about covetting the neighbour’s wife?

  14. Given that they are assessing representation against popular music downloads, the demand seems to be that we modify our musical tastes to match those of the under represented producers. With the exception of the likes of artist-producers such as Mark Ronson, few listeners will ever be making their music choices based on who the producer is.

    Producer and songwriter credits are thrown around like confetti these days with anyone who has had even the most minimal input getting on the credits. Perhaps that’s why the representation is so low.

  15. The Meissen Bison is spot on:

    “Is the guardian trying to manufacture an alliance between women and the alphanumeric “community”? Given that the alphanumerics are…”

    Even so I suggest that he mis-names the “alphanumerics” – are they not better descibed as PANs, Poly-Acronymic Narcissists (though I consider P-A Nominalists to be a more precise and apt term).

  16. “But maybe leave out the bit about covetting the neighbour’s wife?”

    … Or her ass, or did I misunderstand that bit?

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