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A senior female MP was subjected to a social services investigation after an online troll tried to get her children taken from her with a vexatious complaint about her political views.

Stella Creasy was then told by police that they would not impose criminal sanctions on her harasser, who also bombarded her office with emails, because he was “entitled” to the view that her children should be taken into care.

Leicestershire police said that even though he lacked any evidence, the man had a legitimate right to make a social services referral because he disagreed with Creasy’s views on misogyny.

Creasy told The Times that the police’s reaction gave other trolls a “green light” to target the children of politicians and anyone in the public eye simply because they did not like them.

The harasser, who used the alias “Lance Jones” and had no personal connection to Creasy or her two young children, had complained about the MP’s campaigns against misogyny and violence against women and girls [VAWG], and her call to be allowed to take her breastfeeding baby into the voting chamber.

Yes, yes, of course government should have all of these powers. But they shouldn;t be used against me. Me. ME!

12 thoughts on “Antinomianism”

  1. Children taking from a foster family in 2012 because they were UKIP supporters, a legal organisation, and an opinion shared by most of the country. If it’s OK for that, why shouldn’t a mother have her children taken away from her for thinking wolf whistling should be criminalised?

  2. No doubt the Just Stop Oil advocates would be similarly outraged if someone kept blocking the road in front of them.

  3. I remember all the blubbing when a madman murdered the MP Jo Cox. She had been calling vehemently for the UK to go to war against Syria. But it was plain different when death and destruction was visited on her rather than by her.

    Mind you when it came to a vote in the Commons she abstained. So she was gutless as well as evil.

  4. Whilst Creasy is just shouting and promoting herself so can be ignore, the police are wrong about the man. He knew his reports were false so he his can be charged with wasting police time.

  5. If someone in a position of power abuses that power to take away your God-given rights, steal your property and shit up your country with rapefugees, we call it politics.

    But when someone who has no power complains about the powerful, they’re a “troll”.

  6. Obviously her children should not be taken away without good reason.

    Equally obviously, being unable to fill her elected duties on account of said children and actually appointing a “locum” to do much of the job for her, she should have been disqualified from serving as an MP with an immediate by-election.

  7. Having expanded ‘harm’ to include things like wrong pronouns there’s always going to be more grey areas which will need to be looked at. Radicalisation would be a valid concern, but once again those pushing that beyond the obvious don’t think the rules will ever apply to them. A misogyny law would likely make this even more common, apparently becoming a much wider used tactic in divorce cases since they changed the rules.
    Politicians today seem to have totally failed to realise that if you create a weapon at some point it could also be turned on you.

  8. Any complaint to Social Services should be investigated – we’ve just had another headline about a toddler being murdered after months of torture.
    Malicious unfounded complaints should result in sanctions – there are laws about libel (and wasting police time, but the latter is rarely worth the effort of a court case)

  9. Anyone can make an accusation. This is a good example of why an accusation must not be sufficient to have someone suspended, children taken away etc. An accusation is nothing till proven.

  10. Since theology is one of my less learned subjects, I read that as antinominalism & was initially under the horrified impression that you were suggesting that Creasy was in some way honest.

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