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At which point no, I’m on the other side

Sure, physical – or biological – or just sex itself matters sometimes. At others not so much. The right to a fair trial doesn’t depend upon it at all. Which changing room you get naked in might be something to make that distinction over.

A group of campaigners are challenging the Women’s Institute’s policy to allow transgender members to join.

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) has been accused of forcing equality rules upon local branches. Under the policy anyone who says that they are living as a woman can join the organisation.

Jam and Jerusalem? Bugger off.

Clearly, a private organisation should be allowed to set whatever rules it likes. And those who disagree can always form their own (Splitters!). But safety grounds at the WI? No, bugger off.

9 thoughts on “At which point no, I’m on the other side”

  1. I used to be a male meals on wheels volunteer for the WRVS. A few years ago the W was quietly dropped and it simply became the royal voluntary service.

    As the blokes in frocks will get their way, they always do, it will be highly appropriate for the WI to be renamed “The Institute”.

  2. From memory there are a handful of men who are members of the WI (coach of women’s footie team?), so why not men in frocks?

    And anyway, I’m of the “drop yer keks” methodology for gatekeeping any segregated facility.

  3. Who made this WI policy? Was it voted through by the membership, or was it imposed by a small cabal in central office? If the latter, did those who instigated that policy actually have the right to do this according to the organisation’s constitution?

    All these are perfectly reasonable questions to ask, and if the organisation’s rules and procedures have been shunted aside by a few usurpers then a legal challenge is perfectly reasonable.

  4. They did this with cubs…Gs can join cubs but Bs can’t join brownies. Consistency would be nice. Girlz special, yeah ok, but bois special too in their own way.

  5. @Matt, I don’t know but I can guess. Thanks to the various imbecile laws which empower shouty and deranged minorities, WI members are forced to make their arguments about safety etc rather than simply saying – as they should – “fuck off, you hairy bollocked perverts”.

  6. Similar to the hoo-har about a Russian citizen in Russia breaking a Russian law and being prosecuted by a Russian court and sent to a Russian prison. The UK Government have “summoned the Russian Ambassador”. His response should be “fuck off”. Remember Westphalia! Did she die in vain?

  7. I have to agree with you Hallowed Be. Consistency would be nice. I suspect the poor old cubs might find the bloody girls to be a bit of a pest at times.

    But a bit of sense would also be nice. MC’s ‘fuck off, you hairy bollocked perverts’ seems to fit the case perfectly.

  8. John: ‘The Institute’ is an entirely different sort of organisation in another country I can think of. Amusing to think about the WI doing something similar!

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