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Blood on hands etc

Teenager took his own life after ‘losing hope over climate change’
Theo Khelfoune Ferreras, a film student from Walthamstow, grew increasingly despondent over the future of the environment, say his family

So, who is to blame for this?

The patriarchal capitalists who are so raping Gaia? Or those lying about the effects? Those insisting that we’ve an immediate disaster ahead of us instead of the reality, a chronic problem which is largely solved?

18 thoughts on “Blood on hands etc”

  1. This must be the biggest scam ever to be perpetrated on the public. How an intelligent person can believe 0.04% of CO2 (not “carbon”) can be anything but good and essential I find amazing. My eldest son when studying for one of his two degrees was shown a slide at his first lecture. It was a globe with a large arrow pointing at it and the caption “MOSTLY STUPID”. I thought this arrogant and nowadays the arrow should be pointing at a photo of the faculty, but over the last 40 years I’ve come to believe it. Greta and her handlers should be put down like the dangerous pets they are.

  2. Isn’t this more about vulnerable mentally ill people latching on to whatever shite the media throws at them? Flying saucers, the CIA, vampires, climate change….

  3. Hearing of the House Transportation Committee in California: Sen. Doug LaMalfa asks the panel, I assume senior transport bureaucrats, what percentage of the atmosphere is CO2. The answers given by the panel were 5%, 5%, 7% and 8%.

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Poor confused fellow: Algerian/Spanish with a touch of Christian (Theo), studying film and living in Brighton is a lot to deal with but the clincher, of course, is the waistcoat with lapels. Steve goes too far because it’s not double-breasted.

  5. If you’re looking for who to blame go no further than the words “Greenpeace Activist” in line one.

    As the late Rush Limbaugh would have said, a brain full of mush.

  6. In Cambridge last summer was a bench where you could stop, sit and talk to someone about your climate anxiety. Obviously these should be rolled out nationally and hang the cost.

    My experience wasn’t too friendly, I got told to fuck off when I said I was anxious about being in England for the winter and had booked flights to Thailand.

  7. Boddicker that reminds me of a joke about Climate Benches

    Two old men sitting in the park on a glorious Summer’s day.

    “It’s nice out, isn’t it ?”
    “Yes,” said the other man, “I think I’ll take mine out too.”

  8. I thought the traditional answer better:

    “Yes, but put it away there’s a rozzer approaching…”

  9. “Yes, but put it away there’s a rozzer approaching…”
    That must be a very old joke. FK what a copper would do now. Probably join in. Depending what gender they was, of course.

  10. Funnily enough a local story today was about fossil plant remains they had found when excavating for a new building indicated that Pacific Northwest once had the same climate as modern day Florida, the cognitive dissonance on climate change is truly remarkable.

  11. BiS

    “that’s a very old and disgusting joke!”.

    “I’m a very old and disgusting man”….

    Eh, cain’t beat the classics…

  12. ” 0.04% of CO2 ”
    I think someone here put it as ” 4 molecules per 10,000 ” which I thought rather good and useful and I dunno why I hadn’t though of it that way before.
    Even thicko’s should have some sort of real life grasp that 4 is a lot less than 10,000.
    Also, referring to CO2 as “carbon” really shits me.
    Anyone for calling H2O hydrogen ?

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