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Colin Hines, the dunderhead

The lessons of the last week must be don’t just bail out the banks, bail out society and the planet, and that money is not the problem.

Of course money isn’t the problem, resources are. Your solution, printing £25 trillion in money doesn’t solve the resources problem. Therefore it’s not a solution either.

All else is noise.

3 thoughts on “Colin Hines, the dunderhead”

  1. Back when the Australian National Broadband Network (nbn, optic fibre to eberywhete) was being spruiked as the future proofing of the country, I predicted that they would run into huge problems with getting enough skilled contractors to get it done. From my experience of having organised a small scale private network rollout, say 300kms of fibre.

    Sure enough, years overtime and negative ROI. Resources are an issue, and they include labor too.

  2. In connection with the relationship between Murphy and Hines, I am reminded of a book I once read:

    A Confederacy of Dunces

    Even more apposite, here’s a description of the main character, which may remind you of someone:

    [He is] a monument to rant and contempt, a behemoth of fat, flatulence and furious suspicion of anything modern

  3. Can’t see why you’re singling out Colin Hines. He’s only parroting your government’s economic policy, the past few years.

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