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Congratulations lads

The proposed rule would not mandate that electric vehicles make up a certain number or percentage of sales. Instead, it would require that automakers make sure the total number of vehicles they sell each year did not exceed a certain emissions limit. That limit would be so strict that it would force carmakers to ensure that two thirds of the vehicles they sold were all-electric by 2032, according to the people familiar with the matter.

This kills every small and specialist manufacturer.

Well done there, vry well done.

29 thoughts on “Congratulations lads”

  1. Toyota used to make a upright two-seater similar to the Smart, called the iQ. Aston Martin briefly sold a rebadged version called the Cygnet. Why would a sports car manufacturer sell a city car? To reduce their fleet average fuel consumption, in line with EU targets.

  2. I thought Obama introduced something like this that led to the introduction of the SUV – basically a car body on a pickup chassis that was excluded from the the regs…?

  3. @John B

    Forcing companies to sell, does not mean people will buy.

    Perhaps we will end up like Cuba during the trade embargo with vintage cars kept running as there was no way to buy new. Sadly instead of 1957 Chevy Bel Air’s crowding the streets we will have 30 year old Ford Fiesta’s.

  4. Bloke in Cyprus 9:14 am

    Corporate Average Fuel Economy dates back to 1975. Which gave rise to the SUV: make a less-than-utilitarian lorry(for tax purposes) and sell it to people who were looking for a car.

  5. Killing small and specialist manufacturers is (a large part of) the point.

    How many of those have unions? None I suspect.

  6. BiC: “I thought Obama introduced something like this that led to the introduction of the SUV – basically a car body on a pickup chassis that was excluded from the the regs…?”

    You are correct in that CAFE killed the station wagon and made the SUV (due to “trucks” being classified differently), but it was introduced long before Obama – 1975 to be specific.

  7. M – Killing small and specialist manufacturers is (a large part of) the point.

    Fundamentally, it’s the entire point.


  8. I think Subaru built their entire US sales strategy off the CAFE standards (started in 1975, but Barry definitely tweaked them while POTUS).
    Subaru sells itself as tree hugging environment friendly (every fucker In Vermont owns one), but it’s just a station-wagon sitting on a light-truck chassis.
    Gaming the stupid system, and people buy it.

  9. Per AndyF’s point, and off topic, but per Biden’s recent infrastructure bill beginning in 2025 all new cars will be required to have breathalyzers or other alcohol detection system that you’ll need to blow into before you can start the car. People will hate that, so, like Cuba, we’ll likely start keeping our cars longer and longer. Probably good news for mechanics.

    The Subaru is a station or estate wagon, but it does get decent mileage, can hold a fair bit of stuff, has good clearance, and can handle some fairly rough forest service roads – though not the really rough stuff. I rather like mine.

  10. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    This kills every small and specialist manufacturer.

    That’s the point. GM, Ford and Chrysler can either build better cars or lobby away new competition in the name of Climate Change. Guess which one they can actually do. Can’t let the next Tesla happen, can we?

  11. So people would walk into a showroom and ask to buy a car and get told “Sorry, we can’t sell you a car, we’ve reached our emissions limit.”

    Fucks sake.

    Maybe with “can I interest you in this milk float?” Added on for good measure…

  12. So there will be a mad rush at the start of each year as the non-electric vehicles are sold
    Can imagine we would end up with waiting lists and lotteries as the car companies try to manage the demand difference.

    I was in Denver a while back and noticed the high % of Subaru’s I saw then realised at the time there weren’t a lot of manufacturers selling all wheel drive cars so they seemed to have found a niche there at the time

  13. “This kills every small and specialist manufacturer.”

    Just as planned.

    It will be a lot easier to transition to fascism if there are only a small number of megacorps to manage. And, really, those small businesses didn’t provide enough in the way of campaign contributions . . .

  14. Never mind the small manufacturers.
    Car makers sell on average anywhere between 1.6 and 2 million new cars a year in the UK. Presently, around 16% of that figure are either EVs or Hybrids, the rest, the vast majority, being ICE cars. In 7 years time, they’re going to be expected to make that sort of number up with EVs alone, with Hybrids (the only halfway sane option) currently for the chop in 2035. It’s bollocks on stilts.
    As with German and Italian car makers, “British” (I use the term in the loosest possible sense) manufacturers will kick off and inform whichever bunch of wankers are in power at the time that if the 2030 ban persists, the British car market will go tits up. The EU meisters gave their lot a get-out for ICE cars with so-called ‘e-fuels’, but I’d bet the house they’ll either drop that exemption long before 2035 (their ban date) or kick it in to the long grass and we’ll still be buying proper cars in both Europe and the UK for years to come.
    There isn’t a single car name in the UK that doesn’t have foreign interest to some degree or other. If the ban goes through, watch the birds fly home.

  15. In addition, it’s worth pointing out that car makers already have emission limits on the total numbers of new cars sold. Amongst others, VW and BMW have already been fined massive amounts for not meeting those annual targets.
    Take a look at annual sales figures and ask yourself why new EV sales peak in December (unlike ICE cars). It’s because makers have to get rid of them by any means possible at the end of the year, purely to make up emissions targets, and avoid being fined.
    I’ve heard some pretty tales regarding methods used by dealers to achieve these numbers.
    The whole EV market is a fix.

  16. “… whenever the Legislators endeavor to take away, and destroy the Property of the People, or to reduce them to Slavery under Arbitrary Power, they put themselves into a state of War with the People, who are thereupon absolved from any farther Obedience, and are left to the common Refuge, which God hath provided for all Men, against Force and Violence. Whensoever therefore the Legislative shall transgress this fundamental Rule of Society; and either by Ambition, Fear, Folly or Corruption, endeavor to grasp themselves, or put into the hands of any other an Absolute Power over the Lives, Liberties, and Estates of the People; By this breach of Trust they forfeit the Power, the People had put into their hands, for quite contrary ends, and it devolves to the People, who have a Right to resume their original Liberty…”

    Feels ever more apposite with each passing day…

  17. “if the 2030 ban persists, the British car market will go tits up.”

    That is the whole point of the exercise. The rich and elite get to drive the super expensive EVs, because they also have access to charging and the plebs get to use the bus.
    Get with the programme !

  18. Ottokring:
    Where does this idea of doing away with cars for the common man come from?
    Whatever one may think about governments, they need trade, they need ‘cash flow’, they need taxes. The idea that they will consciously do away with companies by effectively killing things those companies produce seems to me a very curious one.
    They want more cars sold, more fridges, washing machines, heat pumps sold blah blah blah.
    If they reduce the voters to “having nothing and being happy”, where will the taxes come from to allow them to piss it all up the wall?

  19. mjw

    If one looks at what governments do, rather than what they say, you will probably note that any form of industrial activity is automatically non-green. Cars are typically double evil; people use them to move around and this of course destroys the environment; plus they are built using materials ripped from the very body of Mother Gaia (probably on lands once owned by people related to indigenous peoples who celebrated transgenderism), a process which release poisons into the environment – and then processed using energy-using machinery and treatments. So they’re doing what they can to make cars unviable [yes, of course the electric car will save you, but you’ll note they’re NOT spending the money needed to beef up transmission and generation capacity to match the needs of any 100% replacement of IC by electric vehicles.

    So – my guess is you’re wrong about what’d rives governments. It seems to be that some religious cult has infested the lot of them. In the West, that is.

  20. mjw

    BiTiN has it right. We live in Clown World – do not expect sense or sensible policies from our politicians. It is not just us, look at Germany, Canada, Australia and France in flames…

    If the proles are imprisoned in their 15 Minute cities, then there is no need for infrastructure : no motorways, no high speed rail, no fixing potholes, rubbish collected once a month and so on…

    The pubs will all be forced out of business because they can’t afford the energy prices ( it is happening where I live now ), so there won’t be any drunken louts, smoking will be banned even at home and Pornhub will be mainlined into every home.

  21. If the proles are imprisoned in their 15 Minute cities, then there is no need for infrastructure : no motorways, no high speed rail, no fixing potholes, rubbish collected once a month and so on…

    Still enough wood and steel to make a decent guillotine or good old fashioned English Gibbet though.

    The solution to many of the problems of “The So Called Elite” and their “Experts” is the sudden insertion of cold British steel between the second and third cervical vertebra.

    Job done in minutes and easy to process 650 Parliamentary Members in a single day.

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