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The Health Service Journal reported yesterday that:

NHS England has told many trusts and systems they are not allowed to increase their staffing establishment in the next 12 months.

This is quite extraordinary.

The NHS is in crisis.

There are massive waiting lists.

There are at least 10% staff vacancies.

Your staffing establishment is the number of people you should have. Staff plus vacancies that is.

So all of the rest of this is complete crap:

But the NHS is being told by the government not to recruit any more staff.

It is as if the government does not want to sort problems in the NHS.

One might almost think they want another major medical crisis within it, directly caused by understaffing.

It’s even plausible that ministers might be indifferent to the suffering of those in the NHS and amongst those it serves.

And all this is because very obviously balancing the books is much more important than doing anything to help real people live their lives as well as possible.

There are moments when swearing is virtually all we can do. But I will restarting myself. What the flip is going on here? If this is not the sign of a broken society, what is?

And I will repeat, yet again, that the money could be found.That means that this imposition of hardship is entirely by choice.

Well, that’s unusual, innit?

He even gets told this but then doubles down:

John Tirning says:
April 26 2023 at 8:34 am
Those trusts can still fill the vacancies that they have.
So it’s not quite what you imply.

Richard Murphy says:
April 26 2023 at 8:47 am
It is a net cap

John Tirning says:
April 26 2023 at 8:51 am
The NHS can still recruit new staff.

Richard Murphy says:
April 26 2023 at 9:37 am
Only if someone has left

Yes, they can recruit people to bring their numbers up to establishment. That’s what it damn well means.

14 thoughts on “Cor Blimey”

  1. How about firing a few diversity bods on 60 grand a year and replacing them with some nurses on 35 grand.
    Just a suggestion.

  2. “ChatGP”

    Got to be better than the flesh and blood version the NHS provides. In fact almost certainly would be better.

  3. Interesting on his contention ‘money could be found’

    This is a summary of the situation in Bolivia – run along the lines Murphy has suggested – but now running out of hard currency to fund this largesse. Where La Paz leads it looks certain Western Europe will follow, as the impacts of:

    – COVID response
    – the demented unlimited backing for Ukraine
    – Net Zero
    – Woke beliefs and the ongoing attacks on the most productive people in the economy


    To quote ‘Bachman Turner Overdrive’ – ‘You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet’

  4. How about firing a few diversity bods on 60 grand a year and replacing them with some nurses on 35 grand.

    Ah, but that would be rassist or summat similar.

  5. “Van_Patten

    Interesting on his contention ‘money could be found’”

    Spud generally works along the lines of “£A billion can be found by action X” and “another £B Billion from doing Y” and “if we end Z tax relief it could produce £C Billion, no 2 x £C Billion” and “so add A + B + C and print D Billion and we’ve got more than enough to do everything”.

    No justification for A, B, or C is ever given. Spud just says that is the amount of money that will be raised. And there will be no other consequences.

    It will be in a fantasy economics report he prepares which 6 months later he will be referring to as ‘proof’ (“as I demonstrated in my report”).

    And he ends up on BBC radio.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ve known my GP to use a search engine to help with diagnosis or to show me what they think is happening so I won’t be surprised to find them using ChatGPT in the near future. I’d go even further and encourage them to learn use it as long as they treat it like just another a tool.

  7. “How about firing a few diversity bods”

    How about firing ALL of them? Just think how many nurses you could be hire with the money saved…

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