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Emotions around infertility can be raw. Let’s talk about them with solidarity

I’ve just spent two years writing columns about pregnancy, baby and raw nipples. Now I’m going to empathise with the infertile.

6 thoughts on “Cow”

  1. I used to ask this half-jokingly, but it’s not funny anymore: what are we going to do about all the childless old women?

    They don’t earn or save enough to support themselves. The diverse enrichers aren’t going to pay for their pensions or care homes. The country is rapidly becoming a shithole where you probably don’t want to be a vulnerable single woman.

    So, euthanasia? Free box of wine and cat toys with their one-way Swiss holiday?

  2. @Steve: “They don’t earn or save enough to support themselves.”

    If they don’t have kids they can have exactly the same sort of careers without breaks that blokes do, so the same sort of pension pots. OK, maybe it’ll have to last a bit longer, but retiring a bit later would deal with that.

  3. Steve, we can look to the example of Chinada. Their government policies of MAID and death by lethal injection (covid jabs) seem to be removing the dead wood very nicely indeed.

  4. Arthur – can =/= do.

    Career girls aren’t saving for the future, they’re buying Zinfandel and expensive holidays.

  5. Steve

    I think as Adolfff does Canada (as with many woke initiatives) is showing the path. Shuffled off to euthanasia. That’s if the COVID shots or other planned vaccines don’t do the job. A lot of new shots coming your way if the WHO conference is to be believed and ‘Sleepy Joe’ has said the next pandemic is in the works.

    As I’ve mentioned – a couple of pieces of good news for you.

    – next week is Eid so the Tories should be sending you good wishes on That
    – Apparently the Ukrainians are winning the war and on course for total victory (at least that’s what the 500th such article in the Telegraph said)

    Every cloud and all that…

  6. VP, Addolff – I have a horrible feeling that’s exactly what will happen.

    Lowering your disgust reflex is part and parcel of psychologically preparing people for the modern world.

    Because the modern world is disgusting.

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