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Don’t be so bloody stupid, of course it can

Ethnicity of grooming gangs cannot be ignored, police told

That the hell does anyone think has been happening this past two decades?

Should not be ignored, sure, but cannot? Pshaw.

12 thoughts on “Don’t be so bloody stupid, of course it can”

  1. Rishi Sunak to launch crackdown

    We’ve only known about Moslem grooming gangs for (checks watch) ELEVEN YEARS.

    When the Times broke the Rotherham story, the authorities already knew and had been covering it up for at least a decade.

    So yarp, a full two decades later our unelected perma-grinning popinjay is going to “launch” a “crackdown” on the industrial-scale rape of British children by Mohammedan men.

    Just like the Tories came into office in 2010 promising to restrict net immigration to the “low ten thousands”, and 13 years and several million immigrants later are still promising to “stop the boats”.

    They don’t work for you.

  2. Pure islamaphobia. No infidel may criticse moslems living their lives copying the most perfect man who has ever lived?

    And how do we expect the adherents of the religion of peace to counter this patently obvious religous attack by a Hindu?
    Whist Drive? Coffee morning? Or, call it extreme if you like, but will they hit back hard and hit back fast with a major, and I mean major, leaflet campaign?

  3. @Nick Griffin The Guardian screaming about exactly that… “racial profiling” by….

    Bit further down in the article.

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Well, shurely the ethnicity should be ignored, shouldn’t it?

    If they had ignored the ethnicity of the grooming gangs they’d have put a stop to rather more of it rather sooner than they did.

    Instead they paid tons of attention to the ethnicity and did sod all.

  5. “Ethnicity of grooming gangs cannot be ignored, police told”

    Starmer has just leapt to the defence of his constituency, saying that the majority of sex abuse cases do not involve ethnic minorities. And the NSPCC warns against framing the problem in a racialised way. The Guardian are falling over themselves to point this out.

    Problem? What problem?

  6. And the NSPCC warns against framing the problem in a racialised way

    We should only racialise completely imaginary problems, such as “white supremacy” and “the legacy of slavers”.

    Actual problems, such as the British government passively collaborating in the mass rape of British children by people who shouldn’t even be here, should never be racialised because that’s raciss.

  7. @sam vara. Starmer is being disengenuous. Theres a lot of difference between sex abuse cases which cover a whole gamut of offences and organised Muslim rape gangs.

    Does anyone (apart from the Guardian) believe that the survey that came out the other year showing that the majority of grooming gangs members were white? A real case of whitewash.

  8. As well as conflating different offences there’s also the repeated claim that there’s no evidence it’s mainly Asian offenders which is based on the fact that for some reason the ethnicity of offenders just happens to have not been recorded. Funny how the data mysteriously disappears or ‘was not collected’
    There’s also the not adjusting for demographics so one study had 30% of offenders were white and 28% were Asian (not sure what the other 42% were) and concluded the majority of offenders were white, conveniently didn’t adjust for the fact that Asians were 8% of the total population at the time.

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