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If it is a “private” estate, how come it pays no corporation tax, as every private estate does?

Corporation tax is a tax on the legal form of a corporation. If the estate is not a corporation then it doesn’t pay corporation tax.

8 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. If I feel contemptuous towards all these wankers bloviating about the King’s finances imagine how annoyed royalists must be.

  2. Perhaps the King should just write begging letters and ask everyone for donations. Dodgy business model but somehow it works for some…If it has a State backed entity paying lots of money for advertisements!

  3. One does wonder how much money the British taxpayer is pissing away on Sudan while two contenders fight for the throne?

  4. @Boganboy: did you see the pretty young mum is the ‘Mail’ today bewailing how difficult it had been to flee the Sudan, and a relative fuming about how the UK government hadn’t warned people about what was going on in Sudan?

    She wasn’t a tourist. She hadn’t just unwittingly flown in.

    She’d lived there for fifteen years! Didn’t she ever look out of a window?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    Is the the one who waited until bombs were landing in her garden and hadn’t even registered with the embassy?

    Aren’t she and her family dual nationals? In which case we don’t have an obligation to get them out.

  6. I wonder if she (or the other “I’m a UK citizen, get me out of here” crowd) has a bricks and mortar home in the UK or is she yet another expecting to be housed at our expense?

    Will the costs of the evacuation be offset against our overseas aid budget?

  7. Yep. I finally managed to spot that one Julia.

    I think some people just automatically assume that it’s safe everywhere.

    You’re reminding me of an argument I had with my niece many years ago. She felt Johnny Howard should simply have sent troops to East Timor when there was a revolt against Indonesian rule. She didn’t seem to have considered that invading territory someone else claims is a standard recipe for war. And of course the Indonesians outnumber us about 10 to 1.

  8. The Duchy of Cornwall didn’t pay corporation tax because it wasn’t a corporation and Charles, while Duke Of Cornwall, paid income tax on his income from it.
    How stupid is Norman Baker? Alternatively, how stupis does he think we are?

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