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If this makes this blog a threat, so be it.

But I will keep on asking the questions.

It’s the answers you give that are the problem, Matey.

6 thoughts on “Err”

  1. What we live in is a world that encourages non-questioning compliance. That is exactly what Hugh Pill, the chief economist of the Bank of England, demanded of the UK population yesterday when he said that we must all accept that we are getting poorer. Doing so, he was simply the heir to Margaret Thatcher and her claim that ‘there is no alternative’.

    Thatcher made us richer, but I think most of us have started to realise this isn’t a “debate”, and it doesn’t matter how right you are, all that matters is power.

    Because it’s Who/Whom time, you see.

  2. Really scary ain’t he, I can feel the warm P running down my leg.

    Corporal Gnome of the Hornby 00 gang, Ely Chapter.

  3. “Hugh Pill”: when they named him his parents must have been drunk or tin-eared. Or subscribers to a theory that anyone addressed as Huge Pill throughout his schooling will grow up to be a hardy soul.

    Unless they lived in Glasgow where they could safely assume that their little darling would be called Shuggy.

  4. ‘What we live in is a world that encourages non-questioning compliance.’

    I would actually agree with that. Woe betide anyone who questions:

    – the merits of giving assistance to Ukraine

    – The desirability of ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’

    – Whether Trans individuals are actually the gender they claim to be

    – Whether climate change is either real or anthropogenic

    – Whether to opposed unlimited immigration is racist

    Cancellation is the least of it….

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