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Everything old is new again

Apparently the NHYS has found out that a low carb diet is he miracle sure for Type II Diabetes.

Err, yes?

And of course the twats are fucking it up already, mixing and matching it with a low calories diet, which isn’t the point at all…..

9 thoughts on “Everything old is new again”

  1. Low-carb diets been doing the rounds for years. I’ve seen documentaries on the BBC about it. How is this news? Next they’ll be telling us that the NHS has discovered that different foods have a different glycemic index.

  2. On that- I found out today that ice cream has a low glycemic index. Not something I’d have thought of but it does seem to be true.

  3. The next thing you know they might realise that saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease……but thats unlikely because it would mean accepting they’ve been largely responsible for the rise in T2 diabetes and obesity because of their insistence that everyone stop eating fat and eat carbs instead.And also would run contrary to the medical profession’s real purpose these days, which is to act as the sales arm of the pharmaceutical industry, which makes huge profits from selling drugs to reduce cholesterol and to treat T2 diabetes. So I fully expect this doc to be told to stop his work and get back on the reservation sharpish. Can’t have people curing themselves for free by eating right now can we?

  4. It always used to amaze me how little “experts” actually know. Well, I’ve been cured of that over the last few years so there is some progress, somewhere…

  5. The NHS loves carbs. They’re still advertising bad, outdated dietary advice to eat a lot of stodge. (Probably wasn’t bad advice in the 1960’s, when most of us had no central heating and there was a lot less food on shelves.)

    There’s literally millions of people in the UK who successfully manage their weight doing low carb. It’s not difficult and it works. On t’other, have you ever heard of a “diet” that works?

    If they did, there wouldn’t be 4,000 of them and women wouldn’t be constantly pinballing between fad diets.

    Just control the carbs, cut out as much sugar as you can, and you’ll soon see the difference. You don’t need to go Full Atkins either, it’s ok to enjoy the odd sweetie or glass of beer.

  6. Ice cream, at least…. proper icecream has a low glycemic index.
    Milk, and…. milk. So the only thing that can jack up your blood sugar is lactose. which has a low glycemic index.
    You can trick it out with fruit juice or fruit pulp that raises the sugar content, but there’s plenty of flavourings that don’t contain sugar, or so little it doesn’t matter.

    The unholy concoction that comes out of a machine or you find in the supermarket? Not so much….

  7. What annoys, if not repugnates, me about the dear doctor is that he keeps harping about “Magic Ingredients”.
    That’s true snake oil territory right there.

    If it was a matter of just changing what you eat, we’d have found out about it centuries ago.
    That “Forever Young”/Thin fad has a bit of a history. For Europe… prominently in the upper classes.. at least since the Elizabethan Era.
    But you can find monks and assorted physicians harping about it and snaring in Ladies of Stature throughout the early and late medieval period, all the way back to Ancient Rome and Galen, who first formalised the idea as “authorative writing”.

    Those Magic Ingredients have my paranoïdar go off like crazy.
    Especially since he’s very much not willing to disclose them, or his collated results, as a proper perr-reviewed scientific article.
    Especially given that having diabetes going into remission with just a diet… welll… Not quite Nobel territory, but it might be a slow year, and it’d definitely make the shortlist..

    I have a suspicion that when the Magic Ingredient becomes known a fair number of people will be going: “Hold on, buddy… That’s not “just diet”…”

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    When I spent a couple of nights in hospital a few weeks ago I was rather surprised that the sandwich option for supper was white bread only, and it was very dry.

    The rest of the meals were fine and quite well balanced.

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