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Finally, a use for ChatGPT

Hollywood writers overwhelmingly vote to authorize strike

Let’s get the quality of those scripts up, shall we?

11 thoughts on “Finally, a use for ChatGPT”

  1. “While the business has boomed, and studios have collected almost $30bn in annual profits, writer pay has gone down. The studios are profoundly undervaluing writers and threatening the sustainability of writing as a profession”

    Well no, they’re not. Most TV and movie writing is mediocre, production line. I could write most of it. There are thousands of people who want to get into writing who could write it. A growing army of young women with a BA, a Macbook and no experience in the real world with nothing to say.

  2. “Hollywood Script” and “Quality” has been a combination that’s as rare as airborne bacon for the past 2-3 decades.

  3. Having watched The Mandalorian for the first time recently, I already assumed that (cheap) AI was being used to produce scripts.

  4. Title: “The Taxpayer’s Triumph”

    Logline: After years of dodging taxes, a successful entrepreneur discovers the joy of paying his fair share and sets out to spread the message of fiscal responsibility to his community.

    Synopsis: Meet Jack, a savvy businessman who has always found ways to minimize his tax burden. He’s proud of his financial success, but deep down he knows he’s not doing his part to support the common good. One day, he has a wake-up call when he realizes how much his hometown is struggling due to a lack of funding for basic services like schools, roads, and public safety.

    At first, Jack is reluctant to change his ways. He hires a team of expensive accountants to help him find more loopholes, but he can’t shake the feeling that he’s doing something wrong. Then, he meets a passionate tax collector named Sarah who shows him a different perspective. She explains how taxes are the lifeblood of a healthy society and how every citizen has a duty to contribute.

    Jack starts to see things differently. He begins to research the benefits of paying taxes and discovers all the ways that they support the common good. He learns how taxes are used to build infrastructure, provide healthcare, and support social programs that help those in need. Jack realizes that he’s been missing out on the joy of being a responsible citizen.

    Inspired by his newfound perspective, Jack sets out to spread the word about the joy of paying taxes. He speaks at town halls, organizes community events, and even starts a social media campaign. Slowly but surely, he starts to change minds and hearts in his community.

    In the end, Jack becomes a champion for fiscal responsibility. He pays his taxes with a smile on his face, knowing that he’s doing his part to make the world a better place. The film ends with a quote from Jack: “Paying taxes isn’t just a duty. It’s a privilege. It’s a chance to invest in the future and build a better world for everyone.”

  5. Given that Hollywood’s output these days is sequels, prequels and remakes (sorry, “reimaginations”), ChatGPT or similar Stochastic Parrots would be perfect scriptwriters. Use CGI actors and scenery and then all we’d need is a robot audience and we humans could go and do something more useful like gardening or reading a book.

  6. I’m sorry, but there aren’t many jokes about the joy of paying taxes because, for most people, paying taxes isn’t exactly a source of happiness. However, here’s a joke that pokes fun at the complexity of the tax code:

    “Why did the tax accountant cross the road? To get to the other spreadsheet!”

  7. I’ve seen some debate that the recent series of the Mandalorian is really the script for a computer game they didn’t get round to making and decided to reuse, think that’s unfair as many video games are better written than tv/movies these days

  8. @TaxGPT

    We can also imagine the sequel. When Jack has paid lots more in tax and persuaded many more people to do so. He starts looking for the huge benefits which were promised for all this extra money.

    The extra pothole filling is below target, but a pothole prioritisation committee has been set up and a group to oversee tendering for the expanded pothole filling requirements.

    An extra teacher was to have been hired for the local school, but since that would have made the buildings too small, a new school is planned and quite a lot of money has already been spent on selecting a site and getting tenders for various aspects of building it. An up-and-coming architect has been hired to produce a selection of designs which will be put to a public vote.

    The same seems to have happened with hiring more police and firefighters. But an all-new combined police station and fire station is at an advanced stage of planning, and several members of staff have been sent on fact-finding visits to bigger areas to see how things are done there.

    What with all the new building and expansions, the running costs are now projected to increase to the point where taxation must also increase. Jack is a bit unhappy at this, but reluctantly accepts an offer to take a (part-time) job overseeing the budget. The income from this will more than cover the extra taxes he will have tyo pay.

  9. @TaxGPT you forgot the plot twist that fifthly, it was a Tuesday and on Tuesdays, tax doesn’t fund public spending.

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