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Germans? Really? I mean Germans?

A dance troupe for female pensioners has been forbidden from performing in sombreros and pharaoh costumes by Germany’s national garden show after being accused of cultural insensitivity.

The AWO Ballet, which has been performing since the 1980s, was set up by a charity for the elderly and disabled to give women in their 60s, many of whom are widows, an outlet to socialise and dance.

The group was scheduled to take their “world cruise on a dream ship” show to the biennial garden show in Mannheim this month.

But the garden show intervened at the last minute to tell them that six of their costumes were inappropriate, troupe leader, Erika Schmaltz, told The Telegraph.

Sombreros. Cancel culture has got so far that old German biddies may not dance – OK, shuffle – while wearing a sombrero.

There’s a cheap – nay free – article for a reporter here. Go ask the Mexican Ambassador what he thinks about it. So too the Egyptian about the pharoah costumes, the local Son of Nippon about the kimonos and wigs etc. Line ’em up – because the reaction is going to be “What in buggery are these fools worrying about?” As it is when someone asks the Imam about Peppa Pig etc.

But how did this start happening to Germans? Cultural sensitivity nowe being a known attribute really. As with the Peej and his question “How did anyone invent an economic system that made Germans poor?” it’s just not right for the place.

12 thoughts on “Germans? Really? I mean Germans?”

  1. Germans are hysterical creatures tightly controlled by a herd instinct. Underneath the conformity and hard work is a chaotic mess of boiling emotion. Once infected with an idea, it spreads rapidly and they all go mad. Just as when someone told them last century that Jews were not a good thing, now they’ve been infected by woke shite. At least this time they’ll probably bomb themselves.

  2. Not surprising really considering they’re controlled by the same idiots who closed down their nuclear power-stations because of the danger from tsunamis.

  3. ‘Schmaltz (also spelled schmalz or shmalz) is rendered (clarified) chicken or goose fat.’

    It does seem appropriate somehow.

  4. ” As it is when someone asks the Imam about Peppa Pig etc”.

    That didn’t stop Tesco from removing the image of a pig from the back of their till receipts because the faithfull ropers didn’t like it though, did it?

  5. > who closed down their nuclear power-stations because of the danger from tsunamis

    I have it on good authority that the Tsunami people pose no threat to German nuclear power stations. The want to live in Germany and be useful productive members of German society. These baseless slurs against them should stop forthwith.

  6. They need to stop the cultural appropriation and dance in costumes not so appropriated.

    Brown leather, black shirts and armbands, genuine German culture perhaps?

    Or perhaps not.

  7. It doesn’t really matter whether the Mexicans or Egyptians are offended or not. Perhaps they don’t care as much as they should or are too busy. What is important is that there are people, often Guardian readers, who are offended on their behalf and their feelings are the ones that count.

  8. When the Germans are a persecuted minority in their own country, likely less than 30 years from now, thanks to George Soros, I’m sure being reminded that Hitler was utterly wrong will keep them warm at night.

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