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Go woke go broke in 3…2….1

Thomasina Miers’ Wahaca restaurants ditch steak to go green
Celebrity chef’s Mexican food chain abandons bestselling meat dishes to reduce carbon footprint

25 thoughts on “Go woke go broke in 3…2….1”

  1. They could of course reduce their carbon footprint totally if they closed down, but I suppose there is a limit to their virtue signalling.

  2. I’d be reluctant to even call this virtue-signalling, because it is so patently dishonest. If she is really concerned about the carbon footprint of her menu, why on earth is it still full of avocados? I have been assured the import of these fruits is downright evil. Surely the black beans and habaneros are imported too?

    Funnily enough, the best avocados I have ever eaten came from Spain.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Vegans and vegetarians expect restaurants to tend to their desires, why shouldn’t carnivores expect vegan and vegetarian restaurants to tend to theirs?

  4. I am guessing she is banking on Klaus Schwab and co and their disciples putting meat bans in place or lab grown meat coming through but even so seems a gamble – the FIRES document in the UK doesn’t plan that (the banning of lamp and beef) until 2040 but it’s possible the manifest failure of other aspects of Net Zero could bring it forward.

  5. @Van Patten

    Banning of lamp and beef?

    Can’t figure if that’s a typo or if you mean the elite want all us proles sat starving in the dark and cold…

  6. Chernyy

    Not sure why the predictive text went to ‘Lamp’ – and of course our erstwhile host doesn’t have an edit function!

    I did of course mean ‘lamb’ but you are quite correct. As Steve often points out – the era of cheap and plentiful energy is in the eyes of that Elite very much over for the ‘common person’ (Whichever of the 105 genders you are)

  7. V_P, thanks for the heads up on FIRES. More ammo to show the ‘that’s just tinfoil hat conspiracy theory nonsense’ sheep (along with the WEF Great Reset / Build Back Better, Agenda 2030 stuff that is open for all who choose to, to see).

  8. “Wahaca’s lenders agreed to write off millions of pounds of debt to keep the chain afloat.”

    My guess this is a last throw of the dice, we’re going broke anyway selling the steaks let’s give this a whirl.

  9. Growing plant food requires more land, more fertiliser, more water, produces more C02 and methane, more processing, produces more waste from disease, pests, storage, weather, transportation, than growing animals. And has lower nutritional value.

    But then none of this has anything to do with ‘the climate/planet/environment’ or science. It is all about paganist religious zeal, authoritarianism and mentally ill people…. like the Fakdemic.

  10. Addolff

    No worries – am guessing the FIRES authors themselves and the numerous useful idiots that back this kind of rubbish envisage a Soviet style setup where ‘party members’ are granted exceptions to the general rules but it’s worth reiterating what they are:

    By 2049:

    – All airports in the Uk will close
    – All shipping will cease
    – Beef and Lamb phased out and massive reduction in Fertiliser use
    – Most manufactured goods made with 50% less material and you will use for twice as long
    – Electrification of all appliances and reductions in size to reduce emissions
    – All conventional mortar and concrete phased out, all steel recycled. Focus on retrot and
    adaption of existing buildings.
    – Fossil fuels completed phased out

    And every public sector body and major political party in the UK is committed to this goal. But of course to highlight this is, as you say ‘tin foil hattery’

  11. V_P
    The authors and contributors to ukfires appear both serious and batshit crazy. I imagine the revealed preferences of most of them would be interesting, and more than a few are are following the money.

  12. I assume Thomisina will not be including rice on her menu. I spotted a report during a recent web browse that rice paddies contribute 10% of the Earth’s methane budget.

  13. What? The Wahaca at Canary Wharf is a favoured spot for us. No more pork pibil means no more me. Ever. Again.

  14. Recent article ‘popular farm to table restaurant to close’ which just goes to show that popular and profitable aren’t the same thing, also that the media definition of popular seems to be ‘things we like’ not things people turn up and pay for

  15. From the FIRES website:
    “Every year since 1990, the reference date of the Climate Change act, the cars on the roads of the UK have become heavier, internal temperatures in winter have risen, the rate at which we discard goods and buildings has increased and the number of flights we’ve taken has increased.
    Shows how effective it’s been, doesn’t it?
    And they really think this is going to reverse, let alone stop?

  16. BiS
    I think they envisage a ‘benevolent dictatorship’ which will make these changes happen (with them in charge) reality seldom troubles people of this ilk.

  17. “Batshit-Crazy” doesn’t even scratch the margins of their insanity…

    – All airports in the Uk will close
    – All shipping will cease
    – Beef and Lamb phased out and massive reduction in Fertiliser use

    So WTF are we going to eat? Everything will have to be home-grown as imports will become impossible. We’ve not been able to feed our own population since the 1930s (or possibly earlier) and despite improvements in farming techniques, being unable to use effective fertilisers, either manufactured or “natural” as there won’t be any bullshit (apart from that being spouted by politicians and eco-nuts) for that purpose, isn’t going to help yields… A goodish percentage of the UK is completely unsuited to arable farming anyway, so grazing cattle and sheep is the most efficient use of it and they propose to stop that as well.

    They are completely barmy. The real problem is that the scientific illiterates who are in control don’t know enough to realise just how crazy these sort of people are!

    Thank God I’m old, I shall be able to die of old-age before having to starve to death in the cold and dark!

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