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Governments should govern or not?

The Conservative government has been stuffing the EHRC – the Equalities and Human Rights Commission – with anti-equality bigots for some time,

There’s a point to democracy or there isn’t?

10 thoughts on “Governments should govern or not?”

  1. The EHRC’s own staff said that its politically motivated attacks on trans people were wrong in law, would remove trans people’s human rights and posed an existential threat to the EHRC’s continuing existence.

    Let me make an amazing guess using my incredible psychic mind-mongering powers: the angry EHRC staff are also trannies.

  2. @ Steve
    Let me make an amazing guess: you haven’t read the link carefully – it doesn’t say what Carrie said

  3. ‘This is a potential existential risk that such a perception could risk the Commission’s existence going forward’

    Obviously they believe the government’s policy will work.

  4. john77 – you’re right, I didn’t want to go much deeper down the tranny crying hole of He-Said-Xe-Said.

    I’m not particularly interested in what Kemi Badenoch has to say either, because it’s also bollocks. Because transgender isn’t real. They made it all up. Nobody is “trans-gender”, it’s not a real medical condition, and it’s not something we should be humouring.

  5. @ Steve
    Trans-gender is real but vanishingly rare – e.g. Caster Semanya.
    Fake trans-gender persons have become far more numerous since she was discovered to be trans-gender and the general population realised that trans-gender people really existed outside Greek myths.

  6. John77 – Yarp.

    I don’t wanna sperg about it, but intersex people aren’t trans-anything. They’re human broken biscuits, it’s not their fault they came out wonky, but it also doesn’t ‘mean’ anything about human sexuality.

    It just means that baryonic matter, what with its quantum uncertainties and electrons that are simply fluctuating probability wavefunctions, is an imperfect material from which to build a universe. Really, it’s a legitimate miracle that complex multicellular life exists at all.

    That’s my opinion, anyway, which I’ve been told makes me “far right”.

  7. . . . simply fluctuating probability wavefunctions . . .

    Steve, you’re misgendering the universe. The stuff of existence is not the current tools physicists use to describe its behaviour; it’s no more probabilistic wavefunction than it is ether.

    The sad thing is we’re unlikely to fully understand it. An ant can’t and a dog’s in a fog. There’s no reason a bunch of monkeys who can throw spears, plan some of tomorrow and enjoy complex variations of howling at the setting of the sun should be able to. Also sad is that we don’t seem likely to breed ourselves into white-haired, tall-foreheaded people from Exeter who might get it; we’ll end up shit covered dribbling morons wondering what all those crumbling stone things were about, init. Less This Island Earth and more the sewage outlet from the Island of Doctor Moreau.

    But we must keep trying and do the best we can. Make the little bastards do their homework. Onwards and upwards, etc.

  8. PJF – Yarp, I don’t rule out the holographic principle, because I have noticed a lot of Arnold J Rimmers going about.

    In a galaxy of Rimmers, be a Cat.

  9. @Steve – April 27, 2023 at 9:24 am

    I don’t wanna sperg about it, but intersex people aren’t trans-anything. They’re human broken biscuits, it’s not their fault they came out wonky, but it also doesn’t ‘mean’ anything about human sexuality.

    Regarding whether trannies exist per se, or whether they’re just “all in the mind” (to quote The Goon Show – quite apt IMHO)…

    Apart from XX and XY, which constitutes the vast vast majority of “personkind”, there are rare, assorted chromosomal abnormalities – XXY XXXY, XYY, etc but in every case a person possessing a Y chromosome is effectively male – except for the vanishingly-rare “XX male syndrome” where chromosomally the person is female (ie “XX”) but has testes – see

    So basically, Steve isn’t far off the mark.

  10. @ Baron Jackfield
    Caster Semanya is female with a Y chromosome so *not* in every case.
    And the “trans-gender activists” want to include those described as “inter-sex” in their “trans-gender” lobbying target (sorry, not their target their smokescreen). So when people talk about “trans-gender” I assume that includes “inter-sex” just as I assume that”white” includes “Caucasian”.

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