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Guess so really

24 Serial Killers Who Led Double Lives And Held “Normal” Jobs

“So, err, this job as a serial killer then, how much does it pay? Will I need to do Uber, or Doordash, as well?”

7 thoughts on “Guess so really”

  1. Out of that lot I guess Shipman was the most ‘successful’. The warning signs were there though early on.

  2. Must admit I wasn’t able to force myself to read the lot.

    However I was interested to see they were all white. So there’s no black serial killers??

  3. It’s kinda weird but serial killing really does seem to be a thing for white dudes in their 20-40’s and not for women or non-white men.

    There are a tiny handful of serial killers not in that group.

  4. I’ve been more intrigued by the fact that half of the lot found some occupation in “Medicine”….

    Other than that the usual non-funtional lot that was really good in erasing their tracks.. In the US “2-3 part=time jobs”is about the standard, non?

    The whole point is that you can only catch an intelligent Predator after the fact….

    The sentences are as idiosyncratic, ludicrous, flaveur-du-jour, and stupid as you can expect.
    You catch a serial killer, you *END* him/her.
    It’s one one entries on the very short list of “you’ve just fucked up” that has no chance of “rehabilitation”.
    Don’t “try”, just end it. As cold and clinically as you can possibly manage.

  5. There have been recent serial killer women in the UK – there is a trial going on at the moment for one who allegedly killed newborns. There seems to be an element of Munchausen’s by Proxy in many of them, and they are usually in the medical profession.

  6. It’s England, so yes a lot of serial killers will be white.

    Look at the States and it’s a different matter – serial killers disproportionally black, just like homicides in general.

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