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Haters! Transphobes!

Middle-aged man dressed as a girl hides in school loos

César Walter Solís Calero, 42, found by cleaners before being escorted out of a Peru school under a barrage of abuse

Have to admit I’ve never been sure about the toilets thing. Sure, I’m as interested in young women as any other heterosexual male. But I’ve not noted their faeces or farts smell any different to anyone else’s and that’s just not been on of those turn on things over the decades.

I can understand – tho’ obviously do not indulge in – changing rooms and the like but loos just, well, no…….

4 thoughts on “Haters! Transphobes!”

  1. Why is he a “middle aged man”, while tiny Smeagol impersonator Ellen Page is described by the Telegraph’s Beardo McSoyface journos thusly:

    Elliot Page has been through enough – let the ‘deadnaming’ stop now

    The Juno star’s transition could be a watershed moment, for Hollywood and the world. But first we need to get his name right

    It’s almost as if they don’t believe their own bullshit.

  2. ‘under a barrage of abuse’

    At least the parents of the kids seem to have the right attitude.

    ‘Two days later, on Saturday, Solís left police custody on the grounds that authorities are only given 48 hours to keep a person in preventive detention without amassing evidence that the person committed a crime.’

    So the police and the law are much the same in Peru as they are in the UK. Or the US. Or Oz.

  3. I can understand – tho’ obviously do not indulge in – changing rooms and the like but loos just, well, no…….
    Having been on the commercial end of this, Tim, I’ve never ceased to be surprised (but welcomly compensated) by what the public schooled & university educated can get off on. If it didn’t take with you, you’re fortunate

  4. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    These people aren’t into conventional vanilla sex like (I assume) you and most of the rest of us are, nothing more than a bit of squirrel suit wearing for special occasions kind of thing.

    They are perverts. They get off on things that would not turn most people on, on things that would absolutely turn people off.

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