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Hmm, French, eh?

Watch: Crowds boo ‘a—hole’ Macron in his first trip since signing pension reforms

Can’t recall that this was covered during O Level French but that’ll be the crowd shouting “Connard” then? Or summat else?

2 thoughts on “Hmm, French, eh?”

  1. As any French gangster film will tell you, the correct way to address an officer of the law is to say “Bonjour, tu sale con de flic.”

  2. ‘Putain’ (whore, literally ‘dirty woman’) is a very useful all-purpose French swearword, which can range from a mild ‘damn’ to as strong as you like, depending entirely on context. ‘Con’ feels (to Brit ears, at least) as though it should be quite a strong cussword, but can actually be used quite lightly between mates, rather like ‘bastard’ in Oz.

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