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Hmm, well

Channel 4 ‘body positive’ show where adults pose nude in front of children receives almost 1,000 Ofcom complaints

Interesting how the definition of “child” changes.

Naked Education aims to tackle taboos around body image for young people, with participants stripping naked on air in front of 14 to 16-year-olds.

When it’s votes for the young and ignorant then 16 years olds are a vital part of our collective future.

When it’s take drugs and chop bits off then 15 years olds are knowledgeable, wise, ones.

When it’s see what a human body looks like they’re children to be protected.

Fun, eh?

2 thoughts on “Hmm, well”

  1. The average 14-16 year old has seen umpteen pornographic images & videos online; I can’t believe they’d be shocked by boring naked bodies on TV.

  2. If they can be held to an adult contract, be chucked in an adult prison, get shot at as adult soldiers, they’re adults.

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