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Hmm, well, why drag shows in schools?

The question about drag shows in schools and libraries is, well, why? Sure, bloke comes along and reads to kids, fine, why not? But is there some other reason why there’s such a strong insistence that it should happen?

Invite drag queens into schools, says teachers’ union
Performers and LGBT+ authors challenge a ‘heteronormative culture that dominates education’, claim members in vote

Well, yes, apparently there is. We must have drag shows in schools in order to further the revolution. Which does mean that those who are;t quite so cool with the revolution proceeding do have a fair and useful point against drag shows in schools.

After all, we may or may not want a heteronormative society, one in which heterosexuality is the thing that should be. But we’re definitely in a heteropositive society, where it is the normal thing to be, right?

10 thoughts on “Hmm, well, why drag shows in schools?”

  1. It’s a display of power, different only in degree from marching into a school with a weapon and nursing whoever you can.

    We should tolerate the one no more than the other.

  2. Oh for those simple bygone days when we just had Blue Dildo Butt Monkey at our schools…(sigh)
    Kids today don’t know theyre born…

  3. Invite drag queens into schools, says teachers’ union.
    This is an official communication from Nonce Central. Your children are always foremost in our minds.

  4. Why do drag queens want to be around small children now?

    They want to make it seem fun and exciting while the minds are young and impressionable, as though it’s a valid lifestyle choice, instead of the modern equivalent of a freak show that people only go to, to laugh at the “talent”. (Or perverts who go for sexual gratification).

  5. Surely for something to be called a show there has to be some element of entertainment? In this case it is purely a political thing.

    And at what point did we as a species forget what “acting” is all about?

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