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Holy shit

A recent paper by the scholar Patrick Nash suggests between 38 per cent and 59 per cent of British Pakistanis marry first cousins; Alison Shaw, a professor of social anthropology at Oxford, has noted the rate may be rising.

Sure, I knew it happened, but that rate?

One of those problems that will solve itself in three or four generations.

22 thoughts on “Holy shit”

  1. Presumably they do it here because that’s what they did in Pakistan. So if they’ve been doing it for many generations in Pakistan, why would three or four generations solve the problem here?

  2. Sort of OT but I find it difficult to believe their isn’t a left-footed establishment somewhere that doesn’t have a relic of the aforementioned headline. Probably not the Big Guy himself (happy rising from the dead day) but of one of the mankier saints.

  3. asiaseen, I have long believed that anyplace mo did have a shit became a ‘holy city’ due to the large number of places moslems consider to be so.

    At least the ratcatchers and Christians had a wide selection of saintly people to choose from.

  4. “Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology Joseph Henrich and his collaborators explored the impact of a ban (on cousin marriage, step relatives, in-laws) instituted by the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.”
    His most significant conclusion was not to do with genetic defects.
    “although willingness to trust strangers, as opposed to family or neighbors, is associated with higher levels of innovation, greater national wealth, and faster economic growth, which factor causes which is not yet known”
    Aka, how the West got richer earlier and faster than everywhere else.

  5. The UK is an unfamiliar environment for them to be able to relieve their sexual frustration by the customary means.

    Very few goats roaming the streets of Rotherham etc.

  6. Theophrastus (2066)

    “Very few goats roaming the streets of Rotherham etc.”

    But plenty of white trash teenage girls…

  7. The number of genetic disasters will rise so high that there will be no marriageable cousins at some point…..

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Tim, fortunately, or not, this crap can be bred out as quickly as it is bred in.

    The cousin marriage practice is more about getting an extra person and entourage a visa than anything. A good proportion, but by no means all, of these marriages end in divorce after 5 years, unconsummated.

  9. 3-4 generations is anywhere between 60 years and a century…

    Call me a pessimist, but there’ll have been some sort of Reset in that period of time. Things have been too quiet for too long.

  10. They know that if they keep popping them out eventually they’ll get a non defective one (or as close as they class as normal) they know that meanwhile us kuffar will keep on paying for the mongs.

  11. What a spectacular display of prudishness. No birth defects are caused by cousin marriage or by any form of marriage. Some are caused by cousins having sex resulting in children. Since we now have legal marriage for same-sex couples, this distinction should be immediately obvious and the correct terminology should be used. Otherwise it is implying that two women marrying each other would risk having offspring with birth defects if the couple were cousins. Similarly, if a man marries a female cousin purely for visa reasons, and they only ever have sex with other people, this clearly cannot cause any birth defects.

  12. @Charles

    Would you also argue there’s any meaningful distinction between pedophiles who prey on girls versus boys?

    Not sure it’s a worthwhile debate.

  13. Charles, the sort of backwards, cousin shagging, uncompromising literalist Muslims from that basketcase of humanity that is Pakistan, are unlikely to be engaging in same sex marriage. As this group is notably hostile to all things LGB both in Pakistan in among the Pakistani diaspora, there is unlikely to be male and male or female and female cousins marrying in this community.

    The most likely scenario is older Pakistani man in UK marrying much younger woman from Pakistan. Re same sex Pakistani marriage what is more likely is two women or two men from this community could pretend to be LBG in order to get their cousin/other family member/whatever into the UK on a marriage visa.

  14. @Dbfhfjf – “Would you also argue there’s any meaningful distinction between pedophiles who prey on girls versus boys?”

    How is that relevant to birth defects?

    @Fahrenheit211 – “The most likely scenario is older Pakistani man in UK marrying much younger woman from Pakistan.”

    As I have pointed out, marriage is irrelevant. Maybe he’s gay and needs to be married to please bigoted relatives. In that case he can have sex with a man (or as many as he likes), and his wife can have sex with someone else and they’re all happier. If a child results, it cannot be affected by their consanguinity as it is not the husband’s child.

    Equally, relatives can have as much sex as they like with a guarantee of no resulting birth defects, as long as contraception and abortion ensure there are no children.

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