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How excellent this is – that’s Caroline Lucas buggered then

Labour is planning a second homes ban in Brighton “within a year”, as Britain’s original seaside resort becomes the latest to revolt against the rise of holiday homes.

Members of one the country’s most prominently left-wing councils are gearing up for the local elections on May 4 and intend to unleash a package of measures to fight against the rise in second home ownership, which they say is making it difficult for local residents to find places to live.

The proposals include a ban on second homes similar to those already imposed in popular seaside towns such as St Ives in Cornwall, as well as a registration scheme and planning restrictions for holiday let owners.

I assume she has a home in her constituency. And one in London. That’s two. So she’s buggered.

Or are they going to be antinomian about this? Of course this doesn’t apply to the righteous?

9 thoughts on “How excellent this is – that’s Caroline Lucas buggered then”

  1. The elections are in less than teo weeks, and they’re only gearing up *now*? In my second home in Sheffield I’ve had leaflets coming in for months.

  2. The amusing thing is, will they even think there may be a bit of a problem here?
    I bet nobody proposing this ever thought it might apply to anyone important. Mind you, a Green MP is only important insofar as they should be one of the first to experience the pleasure of the piano wire/lamppost combo…

  3. For Caroline Lucas, the Brighton home will be her “first home” and the pied-a-terre in London her “second home” so the ban will not apply to her.

  4. John77 which shows how easy it is to avoid the ban. Just change your primary residence.

    Such bans only work when loads of towns implement it.

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