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How joyous that you did, my Love

I Tried The Visible Thong Trend As A Size 18 Woman

14 thoughts on “How joyous that you did, my Love”

  1. Curiosity, akin to rubber-necking motorway crashes,caused me to follow the link. And of course I got the “we value your privacy” data disclaimer. “What a pity you don’t value your own” I thought and looked away.

  2. I don’t even need to compose a comment for this. I’ll just copy paste a message I sent earlier.

    I’m a great believer in freedom of choice & women’s rights. Women are entitled to be ugly. But some take the piss.

    Prompted by a visit to our twice weekly market & the realisation the Brit tourists have arrived.

  3. Come to think of it, I’ll post the preceding message as well.

    It accompanied a photo of a sign on a stall selling clothes
    Fuck! Fake Pull & Bear! I’d be embarrassed enough to be seen in P&B schmutter in the first place. But fake? On the other hand, suppose you wouldn’t get people saying to you “You got that at Pull & Bear didn’t you? I’ve got the same.”

    Since I believe they also had something in her size.

  4. Break out the eye bleach and call captain ahab. That’s just plain nasty. Tim you need to put up a warning.

  5. @Tim – ” “This model has a lovely personality”? – unless you’re in the queue at the canteen in front of her.

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