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I just found out something

Do you suffer from shop blindness? I’ve struggled to locate coconut milk for years
Adrian Chiles

He’s married to the editor. Explains the stunning joy of his articles.

Quite why someone on £600k a year needs to provide a pocket money (hmm, at a guess, £60k a year perhaps) job for hubbie is unknown…..

15 thoughts on “I just found out something”

  1. For the same reason that Alan Rusbridger’s daughter got her break writing for the paper he edited – “it’s only nepotism if it’s done by people I disagree with”

  2. Cos she gets £660K (but with less tax on the last ten percent). She might even be writing the articles.

  3. I used to think Chiles was a fat, thick, miserable, Brummie cvnt.

    My opinion of him became less favourable when I found out he was partnered with Viner.

  4. It’s funny about Chiles. I always thought that the “thick miserable Brummie cvnt” persona was an act, when he used to be on the telly and 5Live. I have a horrible feeling that he really is like that.

  5. Pension contributions I would guess why she gave him the job.
    There is a limit to how much she can save so the more he earns the more he can put to his pension.

  6. As an aside

    When Chiles used to do Business Lunch in the 2000s, his co presenter was Naga Munchetty. Although I didn’t like her hairdo even back then, she was quite a babe and not fucking annoying like she is nowadays.

  7. I found, Steve, that the upwards change in Ms M’s Annoyance Quotient was quite sudden. She had nice legs, though.

  8. It would appear that Chiles wants:

    a) Servants to do all of his shopping for him – though I find it hard to believe that he trawls the aisles of a supermarket selecting his own produce rather than pay for it to be delivered to his door.

    b) Less choice. In the Guardian’s leftist mindset this is a good thing as it would avoid unnecessary and wasteful competition and allow experts to better plan the economy.

    c) Better glasses.

    d) A better diet and/or dentist – “I walk away, floss-less, vitamin-less, antacid-less, clueless.”

    e) Gardening lessons – though, returning to a), a gardener would probably suit him better.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Wasn’t it Chiles who got someone sacked for telling an off colour joke in a green room?

  10. So Chiles ( drunken ex-alcoholic ) has moved on from boring us about his self -pitying struggles with the demon drink.

  11. Related to shopping, so putting it here. I’ve been relating my food inflation experience of my Warburtons loaf going from 145p to 210p, so I switched to Asda which has gone from 125p to 105p. I think my brain’s broken. Today Asda’s loaf is 39p. Minus 75% inflation rate.

  12. BinD @ 7.55, thank you for reminding me. I knew there was something about him but couldn’t remember what.

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