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I say, taking the one drop rule a bit too far, no?

More black blood donors urgently needed, say influential Britons

They afraid of catching cooties from the indigenes or summat?

Yes, yes, I know:

The demand for blood needed to treat people with sickle cell disease has jumped by about 67% in the last five years. NHS Blood and Transplant said 250 donations are needed every day to treat what is the fastest growing genetic condition in the UK, when five years ago just 150 donations a day were needed.

Sickle cell disease disproportionally affects people from black African or black Caribbean backgrounds, and ethnically matched blood provides the best treatment.

Isn’t it interesting how quickly the genetic make up of Britons is changing?

18 thoughts on “I say, taking the one drop rule a bit too far, no?”

  1. Along with alarming rises in TB and diptheria.

    Sickle cell is nasty though. Many years ago a neighbour (West Indian) developed it, killed her in pretty short order.

  2. The increase is of course due to the racism inherent in the system, as that appears to be the root cause whenever ‘ethnics’ experience anything to a greater or lesser (choose as necessary) extent than whites in the UK.

    Higher levels of diabetes in UK citizens of South Asian descent? = Racism.

    Higher levels of diabetes in South Asians in South Asia? = err……

  3. ‘More than 55% of black people in the UK have the Ro blood subtype needed by sickle cell patients compared with 2% of the general population.’

    So yeah. They ARE afraid of catching cooties from the indigenes if they use that horrid white blood.

  4. Umm Otto.. You don’t “develop” sickle cell … You’re literally born with it.
    It’s a genetic defect that’s only “viable” in malaria-ridden areas. Everywhere else… you’re f*cked.

  5. “how quickly the genetic make up of Britons is changing?”

    Net immigration to the UK 1980-1997 was around 170,000. That’s averaging 10,000 a year. Now we’re up to 500,000 a year.

    Yeah, yeah, we’re a nation of immigrants, vikings, Normans, Romans blah, blah, blah. The last of those was 1,000 years ago and each of them was a bloody invasion which led to the locals being butchered or subjugated so not a ringing endorsement for a repetition.

    In 50 years time, the UK won’t be recognisable. Thank fuck I won’t be around to see it.

  6. “Isn’t it interesting how quickly the genetic make up of Britons is changing?”

    What’s even more interesting is the fact that nobody ever consulted us. An absolutely enormous change, impacting housebuilding, infrastructure, crime, health, jobs, and culture, and I never heard anyone ask me if this is what I wanted. Never a mention in any of the manifestos of the governing parties.

    We have local elections coming up – a matter of which local businessman or “country slister” gets to chair committees on footpaths and recreation grounds and bin collection. I’m desperately hoping for the local “Tory” to turn up so I can rant at the hapless cunt about immigration.

  7. “people from the black community are so much less likely to give blood”
    That is the problem which these black leaders are adressing: good for them.
    For a change they are not blaming the white community for their own problem – they are asking the black community to help each other.

  8. Sam Vara @ 11.41, the only mainstream party to have a manifesto promise to reduce immigration by any serious degree were the Tories. In 1970. They got elected. The promise was forgotten.

    John77 @ 11.43,
    Black community less likely to give blood.
    Black community less likely to adopt.
    Black community less likely to help cut crime by telling plod.
    Black community less likely to donate organs.

    See a pattern here?

  9. Grikath

    True, but at some point the blood cells can become so deformed that it turns fatal. That’s what I mean about “developed”. She had always had it, but it didn’t kill her before.

  10. So what is the current number of black donors (whatever “black” means these days)?

    It would surely be helpful to know but the article is extremely coy about it.

  11. Question: Which Muslim theocracy will be the first to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council?
    Answer: The Islamic Republic of Britain.

  12. “One thing’s obvious. To blacks, BLACK LIVES DON”T MATTER”

    Well thats pretty obvious from the rate at which they kill each other.

  13. Of interest to nobody except Haematologists, I’ve got Ro blood type and I’m as honkey as they come.

    And I’m a regular blood donor.

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