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Interesting here

More than 10,000 women escaping domestic abuse across England were refused safe housing last year, amid warnings that many could be left homeless or driven back to dangerous partners as a result of a “woeful” lack of safe accommodation.

OK, and?

“Sadly too many of those who are being housed are absolutely not in specialist safe, secure, supportive accommodation, but instead in unregulated sometimes dangerous accommodation.”

Ah, so what they’re saying – that unregulated bit – that merely renting someone a place when they need a place rented isn’t enough. It has to be state-run, state-staffed etc.

Now, this might even be true with women fleeing domestic violence. But it is a bit different from the headline claim:

Safe housing denied to 10,000 women in England fleeing domestic abuse
Lack of shelters may be forcing victims to return to their violent partners or leaving them homeless

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  1. I don’t understand.

    There was plenty of money and suitable accommodation for the self-identified members of the Hirat ladies football team.

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