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Interesting language here

Pilot who offered flights to women for medical care fired from seminary job
Greg Williams offered transportation for women seeking out-of-state care after the supreme court’s Dobbs decision last year

It’s all “medical care“.

Williams’s day job was teaching Greek and Latin at a college for prospective Catholic priests near New Orleans.

So the seminary fired to guy for flying people to abortions. Seems a reasonable enough decision to be honest.

6 thoughts on “Interesting language here”

  1. I used to be a volunteer hospital driver. The old tabbies said they were going for chemo or to have their new hip joints checked. I hope they were telling the truth…

  2. As an Episcopalian, Williams said, he wishes he lived in “a world where abortion isn’t needed any more” because he believes life begins at conception and therefore a terminated pregnancy is “a terrible tragedy”.


    “If any women need to make an unexpected trip from the south to, say, Illinois or New Mexico or Virginia for reasons that are none of my business, I can provide safe, private air transport that would get you where you need to go and back the same day at a price that will work for you,” Williams wrote, on 28 June 2022.

    It’s a terrible tragedy / business opportunity, but I’m not sure “as an Episcopalian…” is going to work on Judgement Day.

  3. I don’t feel that firing Williams infringes his freedom of speech. He’s free to say what he pleases, and the seminary is free to employ him or not.

  4. Can’t be bothered to look it up but isn’t transporting women across state lines for abortions or sex a crime in most states? If so, no wonder his employer got rid of him

  5. “at a price that will work for you”

    Unless the price is zero, the FAA will be having words with him.

  6. Diogenes raises an interesting point. The federal Mann Act, makes it a felony to interstate or foreign traffic women for immoral purposes. Amendments added pornography and exploitation of children, among other tweakings. If a State declares abortion to be immoral would that cause the Mann Act to be in effect with a border crossing?

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