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Is this from El Reg?

It sits six nautical miles off the coast of Suffolk, about 60 feet above the North Sea, its total surface area is barely half the size of a football pitch (or, in traditional terms, 0.00002% the size of Wales) and, since September 2, 1967, has claimed independence from the United Kingdom.

It is the El Reg standards bureau which defines are in Waleses, isn’t it?

13 thoughts on “Is this from El Reg?”

  1. I think Wales as a unit of area pre-dates El Reg but yes it is in the El Reg version of SI.

  2. To measure in fractions of a Wales seems right to me. It would be completely wrong to express it in buses, elephants or blue whales.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Doesn’t the lumpy Wales give you the same fractal problem as with coastlines? Namely, the greater the resolution you look at the longer the coastline gets?

  4. I’m surprised this place isn’t on the Numberwatch list of climate change effects. An omission by the list compiler or an oversight by the climate change industry?

  5. Well, we are on the DeSmog list of climate deniers. Hell, I am, so you lot……

    On the other hand the Nunberwatch list is time limited on the account of death…….

  6. No, I was referring to Sealand. I can hear the mellifluous tones of David Attenborough now, informing us of the rare Sealand cockroach threatened with extinction by rising sea levels.

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