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Is this not the most ghastly horror?

Why Rishi Sunak may be the most socially conservative PM of his generation
Jessica Elgot

A Conservative Prime Minister is a conservative?

Still, makes a change…..

8 thoughts on “Is this not the most ghastly horror?”

  1. He might be “socially conservative” but he sure ain’t “politically Conservative”!

  2. The Guardian prefers a different, progressive type of brown person. Cool guys with beards who hang out with young girls and encourage them to explore their sexuality.

  3. The Guardian are good at describing something as the exact opposite. Finding the least Conservative PM in a very long time, and calling him the most

  4. I have to say today is historic.

    I have found someone more lunatic even than Owen Jones, Rhiannon Lucy – Consett or Possibly even Murphy himself.

    Here’s the ‘evidence’ for Sunak, who for me runs a government well to the left of North Korea, is ‘the most socially conservative PM for a generation’

    The key area Sunak is exercised about is the rights of parents to be kept informed by the school on whether their child is questioning their gender identity, a move that some LGBTQ+ charities have said children may be keeping from their parents for good reason if they believe they are at risk from their own families.

    So opposing the mutilation of children without the knowledge of their parents is ‘socially conservative’ – child abduction is ‘progressive’?

    He has made “stopping the boats” one of his five priorities and is set to make it virtually impossible for refugees to seek asylum in the UK apart from through an extremely narrow set of country-specific routes.

    Any concern about immigration levels or the desirability of letting ISIL terrorists through unchallenged is ‘social conservatism’?

    Sunak has been at the forefront of Braverman’s drive on grooming gangs – and although seemingly unwilling to echo her language, he has never disavowed it. It is another of the few pledges from his leadership campaign to have survived.

    Goddamn it people should be allowed to groom with impunity and without challenge – only a ‘Social Conservative’ would oppose it?

    Given that her profile lists over 4,000 articles on the Guardian website it’s remarkable she hasn’t been highlighted before but clearly ‘Jessica Elgot’ is one to keep an eye on for the future.

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