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Isn’t this a pretty idea

As a billionaire king is crowned, he urges us to do some charity work. Welcome to Britain
Frances Ryan

So, lessee. We could take all the money off that rich bloke. That’s £15 each.

Or, we could all, all 67 million of us, go out and do a little bit of charitable work. A bit of direct taking care of the less fortunate around us.

Hmm, so which is going to make Britain a better place? The nicking, or the getting up off our own arses?

Yes, I do know that Ms. Ryan will spin her wheels rather than stand up here but the point remains even with the colloquialism. We wish to make the world a better place, Great, so what’s the best method? Us making it better of instead just nicking a bit off someone else?

31 thoughts on “Isn’t this a pretty idea”

  1. If I could be arsed about this hypocritical rag I’d look into the trusts and the begging for “donations”. Since the offshoring of the profit from Autotrader is well documented I think I don’t need to bother.
    Having seen the attitude of its publicly-funded-by-force-supporter during the Lineker muck around my view of these Lefty parasites urging others to throw away their money (which unlike theirs is generally earned) is firmly in the go forth and multiply category…

  2. Maybe someone should remind Frances Ryan that money is a reflection of the goods & services within an economy. As far as I’m aware King Jug Ears commands neither goods nor services*. So his presumed “billions” have no value whatsoever. To realise their value, they would have to be sold. Purchased, if anyone wanted them, with money derived from the creation of goods & services. I suspect Frances Ryan creates neither so STFU.
    * Yeah, OK, he plays at farming somewhere, doesn’t he?

  3. To follow on from Grist’s comments confiscating and distributing the endowment fund of that tax avoidance behemoth, The Scott Trust, would also realise £15 per UK citizen.

  4. Terribly ungallant of me but my response was the same as MC’s: what a fizzog. Sometimes there is an art to find the mind’s construction in the face.

  5. “. As far as I’m aware King Jug Ears commands neither goods nor services*. So his presumed “billions” have no value whatsoever. To realise their value, they would have to be sold. ”

    Obviously not, because the Crown Estate generates hundreds of millions in profits. So he must be commanding quite a bit of goods and services.

  6. There’s a quote that goes something like “the best things happen when a small group of people get together”.

    Lefties sit around waiting for grant money that they can spend on offices and jobs. Righties get on with it.

    It’s like Simon Rattle whining about the government and The Arts, but there’s more festival opera than there’s ever been. People who find a bloke with a country estate, put up a marquee and put some opera on. No glossy website, no diversity awareness, lots of volunteers who would like to sing in the chorus or play their clarinet.

  7. Leftopedia is quite good on motivation.

    “The Trust was established in 1936 … to prevent future death duties”

    “The Trust was dissolved and reformed in 1948, as it was thought that the Trust, under the terms of the original Trust Deed, had become liable to tax due to changes in the law.”

    “In October 2008, it was announced that the trust was being wound up … because like all non-charitable trusts, and unlike limited companies, the Scott Trust has a finite lifespan”. In other words, that too was a tax-dodging manoeuvre. No doubt Mr Tim knows the ins and outs of that last change.

    Does the Sage of Ely ever reprimand the Guardian for its seedy history of tax avoidance? Dunno.

  8. When I consider the welfare state, I’ve got to admit I prefer Andy. Or even Harry.

    As for the UK’s problems, I’d say that all the green bullshit, the covid nonsense and sanctions on Russia are probably much more the cause of any cash shortage.

    The solution; frack everything within sight and hearing. But I’ve said this many times before.

  9. “But the Crown Estate isn’t his, it’s the Crown’s and funds government.”

    And Charles is what, the Buck House tea boy? He IS the Crown, so it is his, while he is King. The CE profits only go to the government by agreement in return for the Civil List payments. If the Monarch so chose they could end that arrangement and do whatever he or she liked with the CE.

  10. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    It’s a thought isn’t it, that everyone capable thereof could go do 15 quid’s worth of charity, whether financially or in kind, and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to the endless needs of the needy.

    I’m not sure what this is a reflection on, but it’s a poor reflection on something.

  11. Charles repeated the mistake of his predecessors on accession by passing over the Crown Estate revenues in return for the grant (formerly civil list).

  12. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Charles’ coronation initiative is no surprise – the royals seem to prefer ad hoc philanthropy to actually funding public services

    So this isn’t at all about philanthropy… it’s about getting raises for bureaucrats.

    How completely Guardian.

  13. “so it is his, while he is King.” Oh balls. I own my toothbrush: I can use it, sell it, hire it out, gift it away, or simply discard or destroy it. Charles the Daft can do none of those things with the Crown Estate i.e. he doesn’t bloody own it.

    “If the Monarch so chose they could end that arrangement”: nope – the monarch acts only on the advice of his ministers. Hardly surprising: he is monarch only by virtue of an Act of Parliament (plus, it must be admitted, by an act of Parliamentary bullying of Edward VIII) and could be unmonarched sharpish if Parliament so wishes.

  14. @dearime In his first address as King (the speech on TV) he announced that he would pass over the CE receipts to the state. If he had chosen not to he could have, but it’s too late now.

  15. “If he had chosen not to he could have”: only in the sense that Parliament would sack him if he dared to try. The deal was made with George III and each monarch has to agree to repeat it.

    Likewise about the first thing he did on assuming the throne was sign the oath to protect the Kirk. He rather hinted that it went against his personal instinct but he knew it was his duty.

  16. While Charles was Duke of Cornwall he spent more of the Duchy’s income on trying to improve the estates than he spent on himself.
    How much of Frances Ryan’s income does she give to/spend on charitable causes?

  17. The most convincing argument for the monarchy is still republicans. Charles could be a literal inbred retard of a late-stage Hapsburg, and he’d still be worth a hundred of those cunts.

    No, I don’t want President Baroness Doreen Lawrence OBE, now kindly fuck off.

  18. * Yeah, OK, he plays at farming somewhere, doesn’t he?

    Probably in the same way his toothbrush allegedly acquires toothpaste – he has someone to do it for him.

  19. ‘The most convincing argument for the monarchy is still republicans.’

    You are certainly right Steve. They’re trying to introduce a black aristocracy here with their damn ‘Voice’. I wouldn’t mind so much, of course, if I wasn’t white.

  20. Bboy – Yiss.

    I feel like, if we’re going to replace the monarchy, at least do it the right way so we don’t end up with a dick.

    So, trial by combat: if you can defeat King Charles and his retainers in the jousting AND the melee, you get to be king.

  21. John77 – it’s the modern era, and King Charles is getting on a bit, so I’d let him drive a Ford Capri in the lists.

    Tbh it’d probably be good for him, he’s been painfully shy since childhood. If he’d smote a couple of challengers to the throne at Gordonstoun he’d probably be a lot less awkward now.

    Introverts, eh?

  22. “The most convincing argument for the monarchy is still republicans.”

    There’s much truth in that. Republicans tend to make even Marxists seem like giants of good sense, benevolence, and bonhomie..

  23. When I was in my twenties, I dallied with the idea of republicanism. Two things made me change my mind. The reality that would entail – a failed politician as head of state and all the scumbaggery that would go with it. The other was, well, republicans… They seem without exception to be unmitigated arses.

  24. @ Steve
    I thought that polo ponies and mallets might permit Charles to have a skill advantage to offset his age disadvantage.

  25. ‘So, trial by combat: if you can defeat King Charles and his retainers in the jousting AND the melee, you get to be king.’

    Not a bad idea Steve. But the problem is it can escalate. Look at the way the two candidates for the throne of Sudan are behaving.

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