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Just to remind, the bastards are lying

The British Medical Association (BMA) is calling for a 35 per cent pay rise to restore wages to 2008 levels, amid concerns doctors are being “overworked and underpaid”.

That’s using RPI, not CPI or CPIH.

6 thoughts on “Just to remind, the bastards are lying”

  1. Yeah but no but…

    Wasn’t CPI just introduced to bring us in line with Europe AND make inflation look better ? It always lies below RPI, which I wa told at the time of change was more accurate – as regularly demonstrated by Val Singleton on Nationwide.

    Anyway junior doctors can go hang. Whinging bastards.

  2. Given that their student loans have interest charges from the government based on RPI I am not so sure that it is the wrong measure to use. It is certainly not so categorically wrong as to justify the claim “lying”

  3. What would the figure be if they used wage growth rather than RPI or CPI? That’s surely the correct comparator. 17 year olds doing their A-levels need to decide whether to apply for medicine or law or whatever, and the different salaries on offer will be a factor.

  4. I do feel for the junior doctors though.
    Years at medical school, gruelling work at the hospital, to earn 30% of what a “diversity adviser” earns. Especially since if said adviser used their abacus to state the obvious truth; “hire more palefaces” would be sacked for racism 0.001 seconds after the sentence was uttered, followed by a lifetime index linked pension of £100,000 pa…

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