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Lads, really, no don’t do it

Co-educational boarding schools have been left in the dark over how to approach pupils questioning their gender ahead of planned government guidance, education leaders have said.

Head teachers are understood to have received conflicting legal advice over how to respond to a rise in the number of pupils seeking to socially transition and, in some cases, move to a boarding house of the opposite sex.

Yes, yes, we know, teenage years and all that. Questioning of all sorts of things and often enough a distinct and new interest in young females. But you really, really, don’t want to do this.

The most toxic human environment on Earth is a pack of teenage girls. No male will survive extended contact with one. Really, one on one women – and girls – are delightful, life enhancing and even most fun. There’s even the possibility of intimate contact with more than one at a time if you’re lucky. But actually living among a group of the young of the species in its female form no, just no. The girls find it hard enough and males won’t survive it.

8 thoughts on “Lads, really, no don’t do it”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Back in the Oldenburger days of the ‘70s Division HQs in UK had massive Comcens manned mainly by WRAC and civilian women. I had to visit the one at York and when we entered the cookhouse at lunchtime the jeers were quite frightening. God knows what it would have been like in the NAAFI in the evening, fortunately we weren’t staying overnight.

  2. Idk, Tim.

    It works in prison.

    It’s nice that, after 13 years of these useless fuckers, schools are waiting on government “guidance” about whether or not it’s appropriate to encourage children to crossdress.

    The Tories talk a good game as always, but they’re still mutilating tots via Our NHS (clap! clap! clap!). And they’re still bringing in a “conversion ban” dreamt up by pervert activists to jail parents who don’t want to trannify their children.

  3. I suppose the answer ‘Look, you’re here to learn, we’re here to teach you, everything else is your own business’ wasn’t ever considered?

  4. If this comes to pass they’re going to have to put contraceptive hormones in the girls’ breakfast, otherwise there’s going to be a serious outbreak of pregnancy once the more savvy lads decide that declaring female gender is a licence to “practice”.

  5. JuliaM +1.

    Also, perhaps the first sentence to a new intake of sprogs at school could be:
    “This world does not revolve around you and is most certainly not, nor ever will be, arranged to suit you. There will be things you like and things you don’t like, so shut the fuck up and learn”.

  6. Transitioning goes both ways. From what you say, it seems letting some of the pupils switch from borading with girls to boarding with boys would be quite an advantage.

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