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Lordy be, yet more rare earths

As outlined in the initial announcement of the drilling results dated 29 March 2023, a
review and detailed analysis of the original intersections has been completed.
 Analysis has confirmed wide zones of low grade REE mineralisation
 The significant intersections indicate an average of 21% NdPr and 17% HREO from the
initial 22 holes drilled.
 The drill samples show Uranium (U) and Thorium (Th) grades average 3ppm and
23ppm respectively, these grades are lower than would normally be expected from clay
hosted REE mineralisation over a granite bedrock and significantly lower than hard rock
REE projects.
 Eight metallurgical composite samples have been compiled for submission to ALS for
preliminary leach test work.
 Results for the initial 58 holes into the gravity anomaly identified to the east of the clay
zone are expected to be received in May.

Lordy be, no, don’t invest in this stuff. But that’s the fifth Australian miner I’ve seen announcing an ionic clay rare earths deposit in the past two weeks, and the sixth I know of so far. That idea that this mineralisation was restricted to South China is somewhat blown. And so rare earths are not so rare. But of course the EU will insist we must all recycle everything because we’re running out of these scarce resources of critical minerals.


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  1. I’ve heard the Chinese are snuggling up to Oz again. Maybe they hope to be the ones to process this stuff??

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