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Make that five then

Just one of those things, eh?

Heavy Rare Earths Limited (HRE) is an Australian rare earth exploration and development company. HRE’s key exploration project is Cowalinya, near Norseman in Western Australia. This is a clay-hosted rare earth project with a JORC Inferred Resource of 28Mt @ 625 ppm TREO and a desirable rare earth composition where 25% are the valuable magnet rare earths and 23% the strategic heavy rare earths

The world and its Auntie agrees that we need many more rare earths for this EV revolution. OK. So therefore we need to recycle lots more, make at home, secure strategic supplies and and……except we don’t.

We used to think that “ionic clays” were rare and even then confined to China and the Burma border. Ionic clays are a much – much much – better source of the magnet metals than the more traditional ores.

This is the fifth – to my certain knowledge, at least the fifth – miner to announce ionic clay deposits in Australia alone in just the last two weeks.

Rare earths ain’t rare.

They’re not going to change their plans though, are they?

9 thoughts on “Make that five then”

  1. No they’re not Tim.

    Because, as Rhoda always says, the plans are only the excuse to do what they want to do anyway.

  2. Nope. Their plans are their plans regardless.

    That’s why, relatedly, some of us have a downer on your carbon tax crusade. It’s not a dispute over the validity of the economic science, it’s a recognition that it just isn’t an economic issue. A carbon tax would be one more stick for them to beat us with. To death, if we don’t wake up to the real fight.

  3. @PJF
    That’s because most economists don’t understand their own subject. Because, really, the subject is how people interact. And far from all of the interaction is based on what might be described as economic factors. Maybe the entire subject might be covered in Politics, Philosophy & Economics courses. Except there’s little sign amongst PPE graduates that it’s sunk in, if it is.

  4. I might add that the plans are devised by people seeking to maximise what they perceive as their own individual advantage. And that is worth thinking long & hard on.

  5. You don’t have to spend much time to clock what motivates Lord Deben, Chair of the Committee on Climate Change

  6. @Diogenes
    It’s what I’d say to those having the vapours about FIRES. Try to understand the fucking problem or you can’t deal with it.
    None of the people promoting this crap are the slightest interested in “the planet”. You don’t get to positions of influence & power by concerning yourself with the future prospects of humanity. You get there by looking after your own interests. Yes, that includes St Attenborough of Beeb. The environment’s a justification not an objective.

  7. Maybe the entire subject might be covered in Politics, Philosophy & Economics courses. Except there’s little sign amongst PPE graduates that it’s sunk in, if it is.

    Most PPE courses require students to drop one of the topics after the first year. Most PPE students choose to drop economics because (at degree level) it involves difficult sums, whereas philosophy and politics just require interminable blather.

  8. Curious thing is, Cris, there’s possibly more potential value in the two P’s than the E. Particularly as anyone wanting to combine maths with economics needs their head examined for holes.

  9. At first it was Political Economy, (and as BiS says PPE) then in the C19—20 century it became infested with Physics envy, got all equations and called itself Economics.

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