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Men in sheds, men in sheds

Some think that Sir Pterry wrote fantasy novels.

A retiree built an eight-foot-long remote-control transporter lorry complete with a tank on it as his wife had taken up golf and he was “bored to tears”.

Roland Hopper, 79, used the controls to drive the lorry around his garden this week, though he said the tank has not been driven for some time.

The pensioner said he bought the 1:6 scale model kit to build a Sherman Firefly tank from British firm Armortek, after learning about them through his nephew’s friend.

Mr Hopper, who lives near Saffron Walden, Essex, put together thousands of pieces to complete the tank.

It’s probably closer to the truth that he wrote a combination of documentaries, satires and utopian insistence of how the world should be.

11 thoughts on “Men in sheds, men in sheds”

  1. RAF Luton is comedy gold.

    Actually my battleship was inspired by some guy who built a tank out of Amazon boxes for his cat.

  2. Otto again.. Thank you for your service to the nation. RAF Luton absolutely is as you describe…..

  3. Addolf

    Thank you

    Alas, a similar fate befell the Pussmarck. The cat ate and shredded the sellotape and impaired its ( already unseaworthy) structural integrity and she had to be scrapped ( the ship not the cat ).

  4. At least building 1:6 scale model tank and transporter gives him a sense of purpose, pride even and does nobody any harm.

    Beats sexually molesting elephants for a living.

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