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No they don’t

The public like public services, and the resulting tax bills

The ‘Tater is the one who has spent a couple of decades demanding that everyone be forced to pay all the taxes doe on their incomes, profits and rents. That vast numbers of people are avoiding/evading up to £100 billion in taxes.

Then he claims that folk like tax bills? Is there something special about Ely that enables life to continue if you forget how to breathe?

12 thoughts on “No they don’t”

  1. The public want higher taxes for other people.

    As does Murphy – all of the tax hikes he calls for won’t affect him e.g:
    – scrap ISA’s – he doesn’t have any
    – taxes on landlords – he doesn’t have buy to let properties
    – higher CGT – he doesn’t own shares or properties (other than one in Ely)
    – NIC on investment income – he doesn’t have any investments
    – tax relief on pensions linked to investing in 1% bonds – he has already done this

  2. It’s hardly surprising though Tim. A man that denies a concept like the Free Rider exists is hardly likely to be able to compute any second order consequences. As Dennis often points out, his mental faculties are clearly diminishing on an almost an hourly basis.

  3. Is there something special about Ely that enables life to continue if you forget how to breathe?

    Ely itself is fine, but just to the north are the Fens, some denizens of which can breathe through their skin. A few of those migrate south.

  4. Comedy gold!

    Richard Murphy says:
    April 18 2023 at 9:50 am
    There is a very good question to ask as to what we get for this

    Front line services are failing

    Why are we spending so much?

    In universities I see very large numbers of people who do jobs I really do not understand the value of.

    I think that is where the problem is

  5. @KJP

    Yes. It’s the classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. Peter is non too happy about it, but Peter is ecstatic till he discovers that in reality they are robbing everyone whose initial is P (or A-Z for that matter) to pay for services of no value other than providing a very nice salary and pension to the people delivering them.

  6. I don’t like tax bills. As a self employed person I use every legal avenue to minimise my exposure to it. Murphy can stick his joy of tax where the sun don’t shine. Tax is inherently immoral. The best you can say for it , is that is it’s a necessary evil.

  7. Ely is lovely. As said earlier it’s a bit close to the six fingered paradise that is the Fens but Spud’s genius is not down to Ely. That level of stupidity is entirely self inflicted

  8. Paying taxes wouldn’t be quite so bad if they actually went towards providing us punters with decent service. In view of the thousands of fucking potholes I’ve driven over in the last 2 days, I suggest this isn’t the case…

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