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Now, dunno, but fascinating

The key witness at the centre of the case Prince Harry and other celebrity claimants have brought against the publisher of the Daily Mail has denied ever making a statement admitting phone hacking.

The Duke of Sussex, Sir Elton John, Baroness Lawrence and others are suing Associated Newspapers for allegedly stealing private details.

A key element of their case is a statement from 2021, in which Gavin Burrows, a private investigator, appears to have made detailed admissions that he was commissioned by the Mail on Sunday to target celebrities by hacking phones and bugging cars.

He said: “alot [sic] of you seem to be asking why I changed my statement. I did not make this statement.”

He added: “Have received no letters from any lawyers. A document of that magnitude would require a wet signature and me going to a lawyers.”

He claimed: “It is a cut and paste from my evidence of NOW and Sunday people and document was apparently electronically signed.

We’ll find out whether the court agrees. But a fascinating claim, no?

1 thought on “Now, dunno, but fascinating”

  1. Following the unfathomable US verdict yesterday in favour of Mrs Hewitt we will shortly find out whether the UK legal system also defies logic like a bunch of celebrity fangirls.

    Sadly I think we can guess the answer.

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