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Grammy-winning singer Lizzo protests Tennessee law restricting drag shows

I’d not thought Lizzo was a drag act.

Oh well.

13 thoughts on “Odd”

  1. Funny old world. Tennessee is getting its knickers in a twist about drag acts, the UK and Oz are mourning the death of Dame Edna Everage.

  2. “Singer” might be a tad misleading. Latest (& largest) product of Autotune™ might be more accurate.

  3. The state only restricts Drag Shows when there are minors present.
    What do we call people who want to perform sexually expicit acts in front of children again?

  4. Chris: “Approx. 1.8 HLE (hefty lady equivalents), I think.”

    Apologies for not having a scientific background. But does that convert into Olympic Swimming Pools, Isle of Wights, or Waleses?

  5. @Sam

    I believe the standard measurement is “morbidly obese walruses”.

    As in “She weighs the same as 3 morbidly obese walruses”

  6. James Madison, white heterosexual male and 4th President of the United States, was born into a prominent Slave-owning planter family in Virginia.

    Last year Lizzo proudly blew his 200 year old flute in the Library of Congress (which makes a change from Monica blowing Bill’s in the Oval Office).

    Therefore Lizzo is clearly guilty by association of being a racist who supports white males and slavery.

  7. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    What do we call people who want to perform sexually explicit acts in front of children again?


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