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Oh, how very cute

Union boss being paid for week off while striking junior doctors lose wages
Dr Robert Laurenson, who is away at a wedding during the industrial action, will not be penalised because he is on annual leave

3 thoughts on “Oh, how very cute”

  1. @Boganboy

    That would not be allowed. In many jobs, certainly including his, leave must be requested in advance and will not be permitted simultaneously for so many workers that there are too few to cover the work. It’s not just medicine, the same applies to lots of places such as McDonalds where the business could not continue to operate properly with too few staff.

    In Dr Laurenson’s case, since it’s a wedding, I would assume it was planned long in advance and quite possibly before the strike dates were known. Even if known, it seems very unlikely it would have been rescheduled for his convenience.

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